15} He's The School Nerd [Part 5]

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WARNING: includes smut; if you are uncomfortable with reading this please skip or if you are under 13 I advice you not to read.

Your POV:

You get up from your position on the couch and walk over to him, crouching in front of him. You bite your lip as you run your hand up his thigh.

"You love me." You say seductively and he nervously nods.

"Then make love to me." Your hand brushes his bulge, looking into his eyes.

"B-but you don't l-love me." He whimpers, sucking in his breathe at you massage his hard member through his jeans.

"Well, we can pretend." You flutter you eyelashes. "I know, you want to baby." You move to sit on his lap to straddle him, grinding on his crotch making him moan.

"Mmmm, o-okay." He says desperately. His head tilts back and his eyes close as you keep grinding on him and your hands move to his chest.

You lean forward. Your lips attacking his neck, sucking and biting as he whimpers under your touch. Quickly, you get off him.

"Come." You say, holding your hand out and leading him to you bed. "Take off your shirt baby." He does exactly what you say and stands topless in front of you.

You push him into the bed, then crawl on top of him, your hands wonder his body, lips attacking his warm, soft skin. You stop and lift off him, taking off your clothes leaving you in your bra and knickers. His eyes widen and he pants staring at your breasts.

"Touch me baby." You say, leading his hands to your cleavage, showing him what to do. His big hands cover your breasts, massaging then over your bra.

"C-can I t-take-" before he can finish you quickly take off your bra and he gulps. But his big hands envelope them again and then pushing you down onto the bed hovering you as he massages your breasts. His head moves to yours, lips covering yours and his hands tightly on your hips, digging his nails into your skin as he roughly kisses you.

Your hands move down to the waist band of his pants, unbuttoning and unzipping them as fast as you can. You flip him over him now below you. You slide down his body, kissing his stomach as you do. Your fingers grasp the waistband of his boxers quickly whipping then off his legs. Your eyes widen at the size of his c ock.

You hands wrap around his c ock moving your hand up and down, you lick his tip, teasing him, swirling your tongue around before putting him into your mouth. Grayson bucks his hips up as you take him in and you pump the rest of him which you can't fit in your mouth. You use the other hand to massage his balls. Quick pants escape his mouth, and he moans biting his lips gripping the bed sheets.

Sitting on his legs they bend as you deep throat him but you push him downwind your thighs.

"Do you like this, baby?" You seductively ask as you take him out of your mouth, pumping him with your hand.

"I'm-I'm going to-ugh" he moans as you lick his tip again. "Ejaculate." He breathes and you laugh.

"Cum." You say between your laughs. "But not yet." You say as you get if the bed, and search in your draws for a condom.

You get back into the bed next to Grayson as he tries to catch his breathe again.

"Do you want to put it on?" You ask and he shakes his head no. You nod moving back to his manhood. Quickly taking the slimy, rubbery condom and sliding it onto his c ock.

You straddle his hips again, his eyes looks to were his c ock sits at your entrance. You look at him and he nods before you slip onto him. He fills you completely. You roll your hips moaning with him as your eyes roll back. His hands hold your hips as you bounce quickly above him. Before you can go back down. He flips you both over and pounds into you before you can breathe. Gasping you grip his shoulder, lifting your legs over his back and his hands hold the headboard behind your head.

He rocks in and out of you. And your moans collide with each other as you both share the bliss.

"I-I love you." He moans kissing your neck and burying his head into pillow by your neck. You reply with a moan when he hits you g-spot and you scream in pleasure as he keeps hitting it.

"I'm going- to-" you moan as you reach your climax. Your breathe becomes slow as his thrusts become slow and sloppy then filling the condom before pulling out and you whimper at the emptiness.

He rolls off you and lays beside you. You listen as both your pants turn back to normal.

"That. Was. Amazing." He gasps turning on his side towards you. "D-did I hurt you, I'm so sorry if di-" He panics.

"No, you didn't hurt me." You say calmly before turning to face him. "Thankyou." You say and peck him cheek before lifting off the bed and walking into the bathroom to shower and leaving an amazed Grayson on your bed.

[a/n: get in Grayson lost his virginity to you! Lmao, I wrote this while watching a film with my sister 😂 comment what you thought (-; and I'm sorry but the 1d fandom ruined my innocence with smut so I'm already going to hell
All the love - Ella]

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