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I am basically going to be sharing what I and maybe other fans think what will happen in season 4 of Sherlock.

#Moriarty - 

Now I am guessing most people were kind of annoyed and over the moon when we all saw that redonkulas miss me on telly. What was so annoying is that I wasn't there when it happened... I was sleeping.. It was a school night. But I watched it the next morning anyway XP

Anyway, we can say that Moriarty had a brother, called James Moriarty. 

Moriarty could have told his brother to fill in for him and shoot himself, so that Sherlock could die, however, it also could have been a trick for Sherlock to see if Sherlock would really go to the trouble of killing himself to save his friends. 

So basically, it could have been a test for Sherlock and so if he survived Moriarty could really go and get revenge. 


It could be someone pretending to be Moriarty, bringing another villain into it.

It could also be the actual James Moriarty, taking revenge for his brother. Trying to scare everyone and do what Jim would do, as they are both twins. 




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