Chapter 26

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I wake up on Tuesday morning to Mo clawing the sheets by my head. I looked at the time, 4:32. Uuugghhhhh, it's so early! At least I have a few more hours to sleep. I tried to go back to sleep, but I found myself just staring up at the ceiling. I doubt I'm gonna fall asleep anytime soon, and it's too early to start any barn chores or feeding.

I remembered that my 13th birthday is tomorrow! Even though Cowboy is gone, I'm a little excited about my birthday. Tomorrow, I'm having a family dinner for my birthday, and then the bigger party is on Saturday. I really want to know how Cowboy is doing! Mom and I have emailed three times to Sammy, and she hasn't replied!!! I really hope he's okay. I miss him. A lot.


Beep! Beep! "MELODY HURRY UP THE BUS IS WAITING!!!" Mom yelled at me. "Sorry!" I said. I grabbed my bag and ran towards the bus. When I got there, I hurried on the bus and sat down immediately. "Sorry," I said to the bus driver. When we arrived at Hunter Creek, Heather climbed on the bus and sat down next to me. "Hi," I said. "Hey,"she said softly. She's probably worried that I'll yell at her again. Yesterday, she wasn't at school. I don't know where she was, but she missed my apology to Nina, Pam, and Lauren. "I'm so sorry that I yelled at you on Friday. I shouldn't have done that. I was just upset about Cowboy." "That's okay, we shouldn't have pushed you like that,"Heather said. "No, I should've said something."

"Well, now that we got the apologies out of the way, lets talk about your birthday party!" Heather said. "Oh, yeah," I said glumly. "It's gonna be so, much, fun! I can't wait for everybody to see your farm,"Heather said, oblivious to my glum mood. "Yeah, it will be cool," I said. We talked about my party for the rest of the bus ride, and then we reached school. Bleh.

We walked in together and then we had to split up. "See ya later," I said to Heather. "Okay, see ya!" I walked to my locker. I looked at the pictures again, all of the same ones, but I pulled out one more. It was a pic of Paradise and Stardust grazing on their first day here. I put it up with a magnet. Perfect! I grabbed my books and binders, then headed to Language Arts.

I sat down at my desk, and started on my warm up. It was really hard to focus, I couldn't stop thinking about Cowboy! I wonder what he's doing right now. Is he in a stall? Or is he grazing in a field? Is he happy? Does he miss me? Questions keep running through my head and I don't have ANY answers for them!

"Miss Jones, how are you doing on the warm up?"my teacher said to me. I blushed and said,"I'm almost done, sorry." "Mmhhhmm,"my teacher replied. I've got to focus! I finished my warm up, and paid attention for the rest of the class period.


RRRIIINNNGGG!!!!!!!!! Yay! The end of the school day. I (luckily) had no homework, so I'm going to ride Missy and play with Stardust and Paradise. The two are such sweethearts! They love to play 'tag' with each other and they like to push the jolly balls around.

I slid in the seat next to Heather, and asked her,"Do you want to come over to my house? You could call your mom right now." "I'd love to, just give me a sec so I can call my mom."

A few minutes later, after calling Heather's mom, we were going to get off of the bus at my house. When we got off, we put our bags inside and then went back out to catch Missy and Tucker. I would ride Missy, and Heather would ride Tucker. Tucker needs more work, and I know Heather's up for the challenge.

We caught the horses and quickly tacked them up. We decided to just take them on the trails and then play with Paradise and Stardust. When we got back from our trail ride, we put Missy and Tucker back out into their fields, and went into Paradise's and Stardust's field. For an hour and a half, we groomed, played, and worked with the two, and I knew that Heather was in love. "They are sooo sweet!" Heather said. "I know right?!" I replied. Heather stayed for dinner, which was homemade pizzas. She went home right after though.

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