Chapter 1

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A/N Turned it into a story. Hope you like it :) g!p Perrie

Blue eyes scanned the area without interest, the lights of the bar momentarily blinding her as she made her way through the crowd of grinding bodies. Looking to the bar stool in search of her friends, she sighed in frustration once she didn't find them. However, something else caught her eye, better yet, someone else. A petite brunette was sitting on a stool, drinking a colourful liquid from a straw and playing with her caramel locks in bored. A tight, black dress accentuated every one of her curves, her cleaveage showing off perfect sized, round breasts that had the blonde's mouth watering. Unconsciously walking to the stranger, she noticed brown, lively eyes locking with her own, smirking when she saw the girl biting her lip and checking her out, a flirty, daring smile of her own on her lips.

-What's a pretty girl like you doing here alone?- she questioned, leaning her back on the counter, her whole body facing the dance floor while her face turned to the brunette on her right.

The brown eyed girl bit the straw sensually as she smiled, her big, doe eyes dazzling the blonde.

-Thought I'd go out and have some fun with some friends.- the other girl said, her plump lips releasing the straw with a pop.

-Where are they, then?-the taller girl inquired, looking around curiously.

-Somewhere in here, for sure.- the petite girl shrugged, slightly leaning her body closer to the other girl.

-I can be your friend tonight or something more. Whatever you want, gorgeous.- Perrie flirted, winking at the girl who, despite her best efforts, couldn't stop the blush from creeping on her cheeks.

-Mmmh, I guess you could...- she started, playing with the collar of the blonde's leather jacket.-...I'd need to know your name though, can't be talking to strangers.- she said, playfully.

Perrie smiled cheekily at the girl, moving closer to her and wrapping an arm around her slim waist.

-We can't have that, can we? I'm Perrie. What's your name, babe?- she said, their faces closer than before, as well as their bodies.

-Jade.- the brunette said, both hands now resting on the taller girl's shoulders.

-Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.- she mumbled, her eyes looking lowering to the girl's lips before returning to stare at her eyes.

Jade's own eyes were admiring the blonde's heart-shaped lips.

-I have to say, you have the most kissable looking lips I've ever seen.- Perrie told her, truthfully, her thumb moving along the petite girl's bottom lip, gently tugging it down.

Jade stared at her deeply, her pupils dilated as she felt desire overflow her senses.

-Yeah? I think you should try them yourself.- she breathed out, her eyes closing instinctively when she saw Perrie lean in completely, their lips meeting for the first time tenderly, moving together in sync.

The blonde felt her cock stirr to life when she heard Jade's low moan, kissing her harder as she pressed their bodies together. Upon doing so, the brunette felt a bulge pressing into her crotch, causing her to gasp in surprise and break the kiss. Her eyes were wide, staring at Perrie, whose eyes were darker and lustful, in disbelief.

-You have a...?-

-Yeah, I-I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that.- Perrie said, suddenly ashamed, lowering her head, scared to look up and find the girl gone.

-Hey, it's ok. Please don't be embarrassed. I think it's kinda sexy.- Jade whispered to her ear, her voice husky.

Perrie's head swiftly turned around in confusion.

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