Chapter 48: Unknown Number

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Danielle's POV:

Here I am still laying in my bed thinking about yesterday.... What just happen to me! Sky, Knight, Darylle, Ranz, Brandon and Mark went somewhere... I forgot the place.

The sun is setting down when I got a text that they will not be home and they will be here tomorrow morning ... Oh!! I feel so lonely. But it's work and I understand the girls where downstairs watching a movie.

I went downstair to join them " Hey!" They greeted and I greet them back.
" Darylle called he said they will be here at midnight!" Xaria said.

" Midnight?" I look at them with an eyebrow up " Earlier this evening Sky texted me that they will be here tomorrow morning!"

" What?" and I nodded

" Seriously?" and I nodded again

" I'm gonna call Crypton! That jerk what was he thinking!" Shine as she took her phone and dial something. " It can't be reach!"

After a few minutes of calling still no answer so we decided to sleep. I was brushing my hair when I felt something weird. I felt this pain in my chest... My bones are aching it's like it burning me alive.....


I know it's not a dream.... It hurts like hell!!! What is this pain.... Bones are aching.... I was burning alive!!!!

Ahhhhh!!! At that moment if didn't know what happen I felt I was burning the next I knew my vision were blurred and darkness soon follow

I woke up with strong arms around my body... The scent was so masculine it drives me crazy and wait.... Strong arms?

I turn around and saw Sky sleeping right beside me... Oh gosh! I missed him and how did I got here I suddenly remember last night's incident.... What was that all about!!

I hopped into the shower hoping to forget the pain of last night... I took a long hot bath and let me tell you... It felt so good!!

I walk outside the bathroom only to be wrapped around Sky's hand.. " I missed you!" He whisper... Shock!!!! Shiver when down straight to my spine.

He kissed my cheeks " I'll take a bath first!" then went to shower. I fixing my hair when Sky's phone rang. I went over to see who is calling but it was only a number. I looked at the bathroom door it looks like he isn't finish. Well I'll just answer it. But before I could say hello
When I heard something more like someone.

" Hey baby! I miss you already.. Last night was so amazing... I was thinking of doing it again..... I miss your kiss and your touch already... Well Gotta go...... " Then she turned her cellphone off!!!

I couldn't say a word! I was speechless...
I decided to scan Sky's phone hoping it was just a wrong number. But I could see some text messages and their conversation.

Unknown number : Hey baby! Miss you already

Sky: I miss you too!

Unknown number : Wanna reply last night's scene?

Sky: anything for you baby! Same place same time

"Danielle!" Someone called me

Oh shit Sky! I quickly put his phone down and turn around in time to see him step out of bath.

He went towards and peck my lips.
" I'm going out and I'll come back by midnight" he said as he grab his phone

" Where are you going?" I asked knowing where he is

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