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Harry put his phone on speaker as he rang Clyde in front of us all. We were all now dressed, and we had a cup of tea to calm down in this huge, tremendous mess.

Harry's arms were crossed as he awkwardly placed the phone on the counter, and Clyde finally answered. "Harry, we're still friends, right?-"

"Clyde, listen to me," Harry interrupted. "Something really bad happened this morning, and I need you to cooperate with me. Because if you don't then I could possibly go to jail for something that I didn't do."

I rolled my eyes in annoyance at how terribly awful this appeared to be. I was so embarrassed with myself for this. "Wait, what? What happened?"

Harry worriedly pulled an awkward frown. "Uh... just a bit of a misunderstanding. I just need you to describe, in detail, what happened with you and Harley last night."

He looked so nervous with himself as he irritably scratched his neck. "Uh... Why do you... Nothing happened, I didn't bring a condom-"

"Jesus," Harry whispered, not acknowledging one of the ten commandments. "Clyde, Harley woke up this morning covered in bruises and her clothes were ripped open. How did that happen?"

"She was impatient," he snickered slightly, and my mother gaped at the floor in disgust. "She ripped her shirt herself, and she said I could rip her tights. The bruises are hickeys."

"Are you one hundred percent sure that this happened?" He lowly asked.

"For sure, man. She said she just wanted to make you jeal-"

"Okay, thank you," Harry's eyes widened and he soon cut the conversation short, lowering the phone from his ear. "Bye."

I awkwardly coughed and my stomach sickened for the second time. "I... I'm sorry for being dramatic."

"That wasn't dramatic," Harry widened his eyes. "Anyone would've reacted the same."

"Not if they remembered what happened the night before." Dad spat in disappointment, causing me to shudder under his breath.

"Harley, why did you drink?"

"Because..." I confusingly whispered. "I'm allowed to."

"Not in our house, you're not," mam snarled, and then turned to Harry with crossed arms. "What genius thought it would be suitable to invite a friend over and have a little party?"

Harry angrily tensed his aching muscles before putting his large hands in his jean pockets. "Can't you just be happy that your daughter didn't get assaulted in her sleep?"

He sighed stressfully and grasped his phone before making a quick exit, leaving us all bewildered and dismayed. Mam gawked helplessly and dad, who just had his mouth wide open. "What the hell is his problem?"

"We falsely accused him of råpe, mam." I murmured quietly.

"And did you see his tattoos?" She gasped in horror.

"Did you see his scars?" I brought up.

Dad stepped in between us both, grasping each of our hands and pulling us in together. "It doesn't matter. Harley's not hurt, that's all I care about."

"This wouldn't have happened if she didn't drink-"

"Karen," he shushed her. "She knows now, just let it be. But don't... ever talk to Clyde again."

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