Chapter 11

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(Short lol)

-bang!-a sound of a door slammed in.

"Well hey there fruity people~"Lumine said opening and slammed it against the wall. "Oh god"

"Ack! I thought you and Aether wouldn't find us here!"Venti shrieked.

"Well.. you thought wrong! I'm such a great spy,I know,stop flattering me"Lumine started doing some fashion poses and pretended she's in a catwalk. "No one said your a great spy detective and shit. Your rather great at stalking people"Aether said and bonked her head once more.

"Ow! Rude!"

"-sigh- what are you guys even doing here."I said in a calm voice but was actually annoyed. "Well? We both realized you guys were gone and s-"

"We thought you guys were making out!"Lumine cut out Aether sentence. "YOU thought they were! God,what books have you been reading??"

"Nonya!"She said and pout her both arms.

"Anyways! Back to where I was saying..We realized you guys were gone so we decided to find you both and here you guys are now. Outside here looking at the sunset."

"Like an amazing coupl-"

Before Lumine can say a word,Aether pulled her collar."Okay enough is enough,got to go now bye you both"Aether waved and dragged Lumine body out. "Bye love-birds!"Lumine yelled at us. "Okay Aether now let go of my fucking collar!"


Lumine started to act like a angry monkey. Screaming in the hallways and forcing Aether to let go. Is this was siblings are like..?

"Ahh- I got a headache from that."Venti said,rubbing his forehead in a circle. "Same here,-sigh- I guess we can go to class already. Come on let's just go"I said as I grabbed him by the hand and headed inside.

Yeah after school,lazy and shi

After school we started focusing on our 'project' that was due tomorrow in the dorm and finally.. we were done.

"Huahh! I'm so tired now..feel like sleeping already..but..I don't wanna.."He muffled and was going to sleep. "Bro it's fine just sleep already"I offered.

"N-nope..I'm all..g-"and there. He slammed his head on the table which made a loud thud and passed out into sleeping. Idiot.

"Dont slam your head like that,you can hurt your head from it."

No answered. Just him snoozing his way in sleeping on the the table. I decided I should take him to bed so I carried him. "Come on,let's just take you in the bed then."I said,lifting his body up and walked to his room. He started to place his head on my shoulders and held tightly onto me. Thank goodness he wasn't heavy so It didn't bother me to fall.

And there I placed him on the bed slowly and placed the blanket gently on his body. "Night Venti"I said before turning my body around and walked away.

"Wait."he grabbed me by the arm which made me flinched a bit. "What.."I said,turning my head around slowly at him.

"Your not gonna give me a kiss on a forehead?"he said in a frowning face. 'Does he even hear himself?'


"Please!!! Pleaseeee!"He begged and muffled as he smashed his head onto the pillow.

"Just dream about it,smh"I scoffed and shoved his hand away from mine and walked away.


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