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"Where is my sweet angel?" I question as I shut my bedroom door behind me.

"I've been here." Ghost replies.

"You're talking to me again!" I reply with excitement.

"You know I wasn't ignoring you, right? You just couldn't understand me, like when we lived back home with your mom."

"Yea, I didn't realize that at first..."

"Was it the black necklace she gave you?" Ghost asks.

"How do you know about that?"

"I heard your mom talking about it once while on the phone."

"Did she know you could talk?"

"I'm sure she had her suspicions, but you're the only person who could understand me."

"Interesting. I just don't know why my mom would suppress my powers like that."

"If you start that conversion, you'll be late for your meeting with Professor Luna."

"You know Ghost, I'm seeing how helpful you talking will be," I tell him, as I grab my bag and head out.

I take the same route I take every day, but somehow the world seems more alive today. I hear the rustles of pages from someone studying on a nearby bench. These girls gossip about a cute guy that was in their class. The familiar round-framed doors come into view.

"Come on in." Professor Luna says as she swings open the door. I silently follow her as she sits in her chair, pointing to an empty chair across from her desk.

"I heard what happened with that necklace of yours, Freya. It all makes sense now."

"Yea." I shrug, not able to form other words when it came to my mother's actions.

"Normally I don't give second chances, but I truly believe you deserve one."

"I appreciate it, but I don't know if I'll be worth the second chance."

"Don't put yourself down. Try again. What do you have to lose?" she says, stretching her hand over the desk and placing a pencil in front of me.

I sit straighter in my seat and take a deep breath. I imagine the pencil turning into a feather, but this time I feel different. A spark from deep within spreads across my entire body.

"I knew you could do it!" Professor Luna cheers as I turn it a feather.

"I can't believe I did that!"

"You see! I knew you could do it." She smiles, "Now turn it back."

I could easily find my magic now that the necklace is off. I look at the feather and imagine it turning into a pencil. Within seconds, it's back to a pencil.

"I rarely give people second chances, so please don't show this off to the other students."

"I won't," I promise.

"Well, then you're officially in Magic 102. Here is the class info," she says, handing me a post-it note. "Professor Nyx, help me teach 102 cause I don't feel like being in two places at once." she laughs. "Here is the book you'll need. Don't even bother returning it."

"Thank you, Professor Luna. I appreciate your help."

"No problem, my darling, but you should get going."

"Thank you." I wave goodbye. The bell rings and I quickly find my class. My hand hovers by the handle before opening the door.

"Welcome to Magic 102." speaks a lovely olive-skinned woman with the same blue eyes as Professor Luna. They must be related, maybe sisters. Her navy wavy hair reaches her shoulders.

My eyes scan the classroom and land on Vera. She doesn't look too happy to see me, but I'm not too surprised at this point.

"Say a little about yourself." Professor Nyx suggests.

"My name is Freya Smoak, and I look forward to learning more about magic this year."

"Thank you, Freya, you may go sit over there." She points. As I walk over to my assigned desk, my eyes lock with Caelum." My heart beats out of my chest. I try to get my breathing under control. He is one of the last people I expected to see in this class.

"What are you doing in this class?" I question.

"As a future Alpha, I am expected to be well educated on all aspects of magic so I can better protect my pack."

"That makes sense."

"I look forward to sitting next to you for the rest of the semester," he smirks, and the butterflies in my stomach go crazy.

"Do you have anything you want to say in front of the entire class, Caelum?" asks Professor Nyx.

"No, I'm good," he says.

"Now that I have everyone's attention, today we'll be learning about telekinesis magic."

"Who can tell me what is Telekinesis? Vera?"

"Telekinesis is the ability to move objects with one's mind," replies Amore, flipping her hair with her hand.

"Correct. It can be channeled from your eyes or your hand. Some people have to say the object out loud, others can just think of the object. You can also use your power to levitate yourselves for a short amount of time. This could be helpful when fighting someone. You can enhance your fighting moves that an ordinary human could not do. So who wants to come to the front of the class and attempt?"

Profesor Nyx's eyes scan across the whole classroom. I try to avoid eye contact, hoping that I won't get called on. I don't want to make a joke of myself once again.

"Really? I know for a fact that eighty percent of the students in my class at this moment are magic users. Is there no one in this classroom curious to see if they have this ability?" She waits a second before continuing, "Okay, I guess I'm calling someone. Ahh, Freya, come on up."

I get out of my seat and stand next to the desk that Professor Nyx is sitting at. Vera snickers with a blonde girl next to her. "Quiet everyone!" Professor demands. "Try to bring this book from Caelum's desk without moving."

I look at Caelum's book, which is placed nicely on his desk towards the back of the classroom. Yeah, I don't know about this. "Book," I say, taking a deep breath. Nothing.

"It's okay, try again." Professor Nyx advises.

My eyes find Caelum's. I'm not sure if he just looked at me now or if his eyes just never looked away from me. I swear, sometimes I feel like we're magnets that were made to be attracted to each other. As if on queue, the butterflies come alive. I take a deep breath and instantaneously feel the magic come alive within.

"Caelum's Book." I think to myself, opening my hand, ready to catch the book if it comes this way. Something heavy lands on my hand. Caelum's mouth turns to a smile. His book.

"Great job, Freya! I expect great things from you." Professor Nyx says, a smile on her face.

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