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Every staff in Rathore haveli was busy in preparations for the 55th marriage anniversary of Suryavansh Singh Rathore and Amrita Devi. Hustle and bustle can be easily seen in the haveli premises.

Ahana Rathore was setting the breakfast table. Rudra Pratap Singh Rathore was engrossed in his newspaper while Shivansh Rathore was enjoying his morning tea. When Amrita Devi with her husband Suryavansh Singh Rathore arrived home after seeking blessings from their ancestral temple.

Ahana went and touched her in-laws feet and wished them with her sweet smile "happy anniversary ma, papa" Amrita engulfed Ahana in a motherly hug where as Suryavansh Rathore patted her daughter-in-laws head lovingly.

"Happy anniversary mom and dad" saying so, both the brothers hugged and wished their parents. Just then Aviraj and Aviral came downstairs and wishing their grandparents they took their respective seats on the breakfast table.

"Where is Sanyukta?", Amrita Devi asked Aviraj. Before Aviraj could reply, Sanyukta came from garden replying "I am here dadi" and gave beautiful roses to her grandparents wishing them happy anniversary . Wishing everyone "good morning" Sanyukta took her seat beside Aviral.

Soon everyone got busy with their own chattering. Younger Rathore siblings were teasing each other. Where the elders were discussing about the evening party preparations. Suddenly everyone went silent looking at the stairs.

The devil Abhimaan Rathore was descending the stairs royally. With stoic facial expression he wished good morning to everyone and occupied the head chair of the dinning table. After being served with his breakfast, he nodded everyone to begin their breakfast.

After breakfast all went on their respective works. Abhimaan went for Rathore Inc. Where as Shivansh and Rudra went with their parents for charity in an orphanage. While the twins along with Sanyukta and Ahana were busy in arranging everything for the evening party.


Every employee of Rathore Inc turned robotic with the arrival of Abhimaan Singh Rathore. Starting from the guards to the senior post officials, all greeted their boss but it was Abhimaan who didn't even bother to nod at their greetings.

"Boss is hot" one of the female employee complimented Abhimaan. When another male employee chuckled and said "he is hot headed as well".

Abhimaan's PA, Ved after greeting him started briefing Abhimaan about his upcoming meetings. "Ved cancel all the meetings scheduled after noon, I will leave early today, you also take a half day" Abhimaan ordered Ved.
"Sure sir" , Ved replied.

At 12.45, Ved knocked Abhimaan's cabin "come in" hearing the reply Ved went inside to inform Abhimaan "sir, your suit for the evening party is ready and kept in your car", "fine", saying so Abhimaan left for his house.


"Meera are you ready?" Abhimanyu attractively dressed in suit asked Meera from downstairs.
"Haan bhai, bas hogya aa rahi hu" Meera replied while wearing her earings.
(Yes bhai, it's almost coming in a minute or two)

Meera was looking gorgeous in her traditional attire.

(Meera's dress)

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(Meera's dress)

Running downstairs Meera hugged Abhimanyu, complimenting him " bhai you are looking so handsome" in return

Abhimanyu said with fake arrogance " huhh! dude I was born handsome, nazar na lage mujhe kisi ki". (huhh!dude i know I was born handsome....may god protect me from evil eyes).

Hearing this Meera started laughing and said "bhai aap bhi na kitna drama karte ho" (oh God! Bhai how much drama you do? you are a character I must say)

To which Abhimanyu chuckled and said "late ho rahe hain chalein aab, nhi toh pata chala ghar ake tereko hi khana banna na pada" (it's getting late already, shall we go orelse you will have to cook the dinner and feed us both) .

With this both the Rajput siblings left there house.


The Rathore Haveli was decorated elegantly

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The Rathore Haveli was decorated elegantly. Whole huge garden was embellished with sparkling bright lights, flowers and other decoratives.

Elite guests started making their appearances. Males were engaged in discussing business, looking for deals and partnerships where as females were busy in matchmaking.
While their daughters were swooning over the Rathore princes.

While their daughters were swooning over the Rathore princes

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(Abhimaan's dress)

When Abhimaan entered being exquisitely dressed, looking stunning with his charming looks all eyes were set on Abhimaan. Both men and women were looking for an opportunity to interact with Abhimaan.
Females at party were throwing themselves upon him, trying to gain his attention but his eyes were fixed at someone.

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