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Fred followed the house prefect along with his fellow classmates to the Gryffindor common room.
It was totally wicked.
He made his way to the boys' dorm and took off his shoes.
Gosh, how awesome is this!
"Oh, and boys, hope you don't mind that there is a ghost that likes to spend time here. Don't worry, he won't harm you. Goodnight boys." The prefect said and shut the door.
A ghost? Cool.
It got really cold around Fred. What the hell?
The other students looked behind him and gasped.
Fred wanted to look back so bad, but he wasn't sure if he should.
Oh come on! The sorting hat classifiedd him as brave! Not a wimp!
He turned around.
He nearly cried out uncle George but he knew exactly who this was.
"Holy heaven mother of pie!" He exclaimed.
"Hello! I'm Fred! Fred Weasley!"
"I- I'm Fred.. Fred Malfoy."
Fred Weasley looked suprised. "A Malfoy? In Gryffindor? Hmm. Draco is obviously your father. Who's your mummy?"
"(Y/n) (l/n)."
Fred Weasley smiled. "No wonder you reminded me of someone! I'll make you a deal. I call you Freddie, and you call me Fred. Or Uncle Fred. You know, so no confusion?"
Freddie nodded. "Sure thing!"
Fred now stood in front of Freddie.
"So, tell me everything about your mum, dad, George, Harry, Ron, Ginny, Hermione, and yada yada yada you get me. And don't leave out any details."
Freddie told him everything he could remember.
He then started on the things George taught him to have a successful prank.
"Do you have anything to add on to that?" Freddie asked.
Fred thought for a moment. Then he shook his head. "George pretty much covered it all. But, I do have to say this, when you prank someone, don't hold back. Go nuts!"
Freddie laughed. So far, Fred was everything you and George said he was.
And that was the beginning of Freddie's new friendship with his Uncle Fred. And oh boy, were they going to prank that year.

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