As I’m walking to the bridge I remember the day when Ryan and I had come here last time. Everything seemed so simple and easy back then. I smile at the faint memory. I notice that the sun has still not set but the sky has become a pleasant  reddish orange color.

I walk over the bridge and wait at the centre. Ryan has still not arrived. So I turn and look over the water. The breeze blows causing me to shiver so I cross my arms and lean towards the bridge’s short wall.

I watch the water flowing down making a ruffling noise. A family of ducks swims about quacking. An old couple seated on a bench by the water are feeding bread crumbs to the ducks. A bunch of kids are playing around. And on the other side there is a young couple seated under a tree laughing about something.

“Nice view?” I turn around to see the owner of the voice.

Ryan stands before me in a pair of blue jeans and a white polo shirt and white sneakers. I notice that the bruises on his face and knuckles have turned into scars but they look better than before.

“Yep” I say as my lips stretch into a small smile.

“Hi” he greets as he scratches the back of his neck nervously.

“Hey” I reply.

Ok so this is a little awkward but I have to say it. I need to apologize and sort things out.

“Ryan.. I’m ..I’m really sorry..” I say without wasting any more time.

“Ellie...” Ryan starts but I cut him off.

“Ryan..please.. let me just finish. I’m really sorry for leading you on and for giving you the wrong hints. Ryan your my best friend and your important to me. You matter to me and I can’t imagine a life without you. And I’m sorry that I don’t like you like that and the way I told you that day.. it was just wrong..” I trail off.

“Ellie... I’m sorry too.. I just thought that because we are best friends we could ... And the way I left you that day.. I shouldn’t have done that.. But to be honest I was really angry that day..  Angry over zayn and.. and his mates and.. eh.. a bit..over you too” he says as he looks down in embarrassment.

“It’s ok.. I deserve it” I say as I bite my lower lip.

“So we’re cool right?” he asks innocently.

“Yep..we’re cool” I say.

“Can best friends hug?” he asks slightly blushing.

I stare at him sceptically.

“uh.. I mean.. uh..” he stammers

“Ofcourse they can” I grin so wide that my cheeks hurt and jump to hug him. He wraps his hand around lightly chuckling.

“Good to know that” he says as he rests his chin on my head.

We pull out of the hug and I notice that the sun has set. I check my watch to see it’s 7pm. The lights in the park have come on and the whole place is sparkling under white and blue lights. It looks like something out of a fairytale.

“Eh.. Ellie.. just one more thing” Ryan says unsure as he lets go.

“Yes?” I look up still smiling.

He doesn’t say anything as he looks behind me and his forehead creases and he bites his lower lip. Then he looks back at me apologetically.

“Ryan..?” I say half smiling now.

I turn my head and ...Holy Guacamole!!! Is that Zayn Malik walking up the bridge!!

My mouth falls open and my head snaps back in Ryan’s direction.

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