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Few Months Later

It had been an hour. One long hour. 

Mark was just staring up the sky trying to come to terms with the fact that his wife was dead. So he did the only thing that seemed right in the moment. He looked up at the starry night. The sky was clear and full of stars. Like that night Mark took Natalie and danced with her, like nothing else mattered.  Because they were together. They had each other. But now Mark had two babies and a broken Amber to take care of. But he needed a moment. Just a moment, to miss her. He knew it wouldn't be easy having to raise two kids. He had to be strong for them. Natalie would want him to be strong. 

"Natalia... I..." He whispered as he looked up at the sky. But then he stopped. He shook his head and ran his hands through his hair in attempt to get himself together. 

"You can cry, I won't tell anyone." Callie said as she appeared next to him. She put her hand on his shoulder to comfort him, even if she was pretty shaken up herself. All her friends were outside of her hospital room. No one believed what had just happened. 

During the months Natalie was sick she didn't receive almost any treatment other than pills that could take some of her pain away. It was her choice to not fight it, because every treatment for cancer was harmful for her baby. And she had decided that she was going to leave this world, but she would do the one thing she knew how to do the best, take care of her children. And it was the night that she was admitted to the hospital. She gave birth to a baby boy. She held him and welcomed him to the world, and promised him that he was going to be okay without her, because he had a great family. Then minutes later after she saw Mark and Amber one last time, she let out her last breath. Leaving behind so much love for her people. But also so much ache.

"This doesn't seem real Callie." Mark looked at his best friend, too numb to show any emotions. He had spent the last few months with Natalie, always by her side. They made some great memories together. Memories that he was going to keep close to his heart for the rest of his life. Until he could see her again. He never believed in afterlife. But believing in it in that very moment was making it easier for him to breathe. Because he believed that he was going to see her again. 

"I know, everyone's pretty shaken up. Arizona hasn't stopped crying since..." Callie paused, realising that Mark didn't need to hear about that. He knew that everyone was going to miss Natalie. But the way he was already missing her was different. The way Amber was missing her was different. And the way her other two kids would never get to meet her, that takes the word miss to a whole different level. "I'm really sorry. But whatever you need Mark, we're here. Okay?"

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