Chapter 10

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Y/n pov.

I don't know what to tell her. I don't even know where to start. I am a fucked up person and I don't want her pitty.

"Y/n just breathe baby." She told me grabbing my hand. If you only knew the reason I can't breathe Camila. Reliving that terrible night every single time I close my eyes.

"Can we just go back to sleep?" I asked her trying to get rid of any topics of my past. She just nodded and laid down. I moved to the other side of the bed trying to keep my distance.

I laid there staring at the wall thinking about everything. My life sucks. The worst part is I take it out on the only person I love. I fell asleep thinking about her.

I woke up the next morning and realised she wasn't there. She left me. Here all alone.

I was about to go down stairs when I saw a piece of paper on my night stand. I picked it up and realised it was Camila's handwriting.

Dear Y/n,

I am sorry I left you. You need your space. We aren't going to work out if you are so distant and don't trust me. I do love you. Alot. But I can't live like this. -Love Camila.

I need to tell her everything so I don't lose her. She is way to important to me. I got dressed and put on black sweats and a grey v-neck.

To Shorty: Meet me at the bleachers. Please Camila.

I ran outside to my jeep and didn't even wait for a respond. Hopefully when I get there she will be there. I drove there in less than ten minutes because I drove over the speed limit.

When I got there I walked to the bleachers slowly and sat down and waited. I was waiting for about twenty minutes and was about to leave until I saw a cute short girl walking with a bow in her hair. I couldn't help but smile.

I watched her every step she took. Everything she does is so perfect and she doesn't even try.

"Hey." She said sitting down next to me. "Hi." I said nervously. After that we sat in silence for a little.

Where do I start? She was about to say something but I cut her off.

"What do you want to know?" I asked not looking at her.

"Eveything so I can help you and no more hiding things." She said holding my hands. "When I was younger I got into a car accident with my family. We were going to a party at my fathers job. My parents were in the front and Demi and I were in the back. We were arguing the whole car ride about stupid things." I said taking a deep breath.

"Everything happened so fast. A big truck swerved and we crashed. The car went flying. I remember it so clearly. One second we are in the air the next we are flipping on the ground. I was so young I didn't know what to do. My mother and father were trying to hold us back. Demi was in ICU for about 2 months. I broke my arm, leg, ribs, and sprained my back and neck." I said looking at Camila. She had tears falling down her face. And so did I.

"Y/n you don't have to tell me anymore." She said hugging me. "No I want too. I need to tell someone. I want to to tell you everything Camila. I can't lose you." I said hugging her even toghter. "You wont." She whispered in my ear.

I continued the story with Camila on my lap. "I remember waking up in the hospital room with Dinah in my room. I was so scared. I was trying to get up and look for my parents but I couldn't move. The doctors came in to calm me down. Then they told me my parents were dead. I didn't want to believe it. I tried running to find them. But I was all fucked up. I remember the only good news I had heard that day was my sister was okay. Camila if it wasn't for your mother being there for me. I might have killed myself." I looked at her and she was shocked.

"I remember so clearly wanting to take all the pills I hadn't taken from under my pillow and swallowing them. Your mother was the one that had saved me. Every night I nightmares about the accident." I said looking at her.

"After everything with my parents happened I moved in with my aunt and uncle. It wasn't so bad. By the time I was 14 I started doing drugs and fighting in school. My fights were so bad. The biggest guy on the street Victor had heard about them and was very impressed. He came looking for me. All honesty I was scared as hell. The biggest guy on the street was looking for me. He wanted me in his gang called the Savages. Deadliest gang. I started going on drug deals and doing drugs, graffitiing buildings, partying , and street fighting." She looked scared. And that's not what I want.

"One day a girl came in. She was such a sarcastic stubborn bitch." I said laughing thinking about her. "This girl was something different. Her name was Blaze. She was beautiful. She also worked for Victor. We fell in love with each other. One night Victor sent us on a sale in Tampa. Something told me not to let her go. I tried making her stay but she was to stubborn. When we got there it just felt wrong. We made the deals to the guys but they weren't expecting us. They were expecting Victor and were planning on killing him. They started shooting and so did we. We ran to the car. I just got in and when she was she got shot. I drove around everywhere looking for a hospital. When I found one I ran inside with her in my arms. I waited in the waiting room for hours. The hospital had emergency sirens going on. I heard a nurse say someone was missing right after recovery so I ran looking for her. She was gone. I searched for a couple years. I stopped doing drug deals and Victor was pissed. But none of that mattered me." I said taking a breath.

"You always caught my eye. But my feelings got stronger for you after Blaze. You were so much more perfect. I always compared her to you. She just didn't have what you have. Everything about you had me memorized. Your eyes were like stars I could look at them forever. Your smile is like the sun I never want it to go away. Your laugh is like angels singing in my ear. Your lips are like clouds. Your face is something God made himself. You Camila your what I've been waiting for. And I know I shouldn't be bringing you in my life. But I will protect you with everything I have. You're the only person that can keep me sane. I need you to remember that." I told her looking into her beautiful eyes.

She attacked my lips hungrily. The kiss was passionate though. She was trying to show me she loves me. "I'm ready." She whispered to me. "Are you sure?" I asked searching her eyes for any uncertainty. She nodded. I carried her to my jeep and put her in the front seat.

I sped off to my house and was thankful no one was home. I picked her up again and ran up to my room. I put her on the bed softly and she connected our lips. While we were kissing I felt her hands struggling take my shirt off. I helped her take it off. She stared at my abs with lust. I kissed her again. I looked in her eyes once more and she nodded. I took her clothes and bra and underwear off. There she is. The girl of my dreams naked in my bed.

I just sat there staring at her beautiful body. She tried covering her body up. "Why are you hiding your body?" I asked her sadly. "Cause you've been with girls way prettier and experienced and I'm none of that. How can you go from Ariana to me?" She said embarrassed not looking at me.

"Camila how don't you see it. I don't want them I only want you. They are nothing compared to you. You're perfect. You're the most perfect girl I've ever seen. Don't ever compare yourself. Everyone was once inexperienced. You're beautiful and I'm gonna tell you everyday until you believe it. I love you." I told her unwrapping her arms. She let me and I couldn't help but drool over her body. I wasn't drooling over lust but love. Maybe a little lust.

I kissed up and down her body and sucking her nipples. I brought my finger near her hot wetness. I ran my finger over her slit and she was dripping. "Please?" She asked begging. "Please what?" I asked her smirking. "Touch me." She told me panting. "Where?" I asked her rubbing her once more. "Everywhere." She said pulling me down to her warmth.

I started kissing and nibbling in between her thighs. She was so inpatient she grabbed my head and put it by her pussy. I couldn't help but laugh and I did what she wanted. I started licking her warm soft folds. She tasted so good.


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