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Chapter 29: Safe and Danger Zone

One of the saddest Saturdays. It was so gloomy and painful. Sa sobrang sakit ni hindi ko magawang magsalita. Nakahiga lang ako sa hospital bed and I was staring at the vague nothingness. I was wide awake. I was very much aware of the things that were happening around me.

Last night, Montello High School guards checked the campus ground when curfew came. That was when they found me. Us. Halos isang oras din pala ako sa ganoong posisiyon. Hindi. Dalawang oras? Tatlo? Ganun rin ang itinagal ng aking pag-iyak. But when did I stop crying? I couldn’t remember. Kagabi ay halos hindi ko na alam ang nangyayari sa paligid ko. Ang tangi ko lang nararamdaman ay ang nangyayari sa akin.

Narinig ko na lang ang malalakas na sigaw sa pangalan ko habang nakahiga sa stretcher. I thought I was dead until they carried me to the ambulance. Ilang minuto lang matapos akong dalhin sa ospital ay dumating din si Daddy. He thought I couldn’t see him even though my eyes were open. That was how fast he flew towards me. Imagine his reaction when he saw his delinquent daughter covered in blood and gunshots? It was like seeing God getting worried for his beloved Children. So he cares for me, after all.

He was crying when my tears stopped. Everyone was on panic. And I was left wondering why since I was just shot on my leg and arm. Not that fatal, right? I didn’t know that I also got shot on my shoulder. Hanggang doon lang ang nakita ko kagabi bago ko ipinikit ang aking mga mata. It turned out that I lost too much blood. When I woke up, I saw Dad and Mom talking to the Doctor. Autumn smiled beside me.

“You’re safe now, Sweetie. We’re here,” wika niya. Lumapit na rin sa hospital bed sina Mommy and Daddy.

“How are you feeling, Miss Leondale?” Tanong ng Doktor. But I didn’t answer. I couldn’t. Nakatingin lang ako sa kaniya. Nagtatanong na tumingin sa doktor ang pamilya ko.

“She’s still in shock. For a seventeen year old to witness such brutality, it’s normal for her to have that reaction. But don’t worry, she’ll get around to herself when she’s ready. Anyway, she is a strong girl,” paliwanag ng doktor. No medical terms, no complications. There was nothing to worry about, that was how I decoded his meaning.

My family acted normally and professionally regarding my condition. But not until the doctor got out of the room and closed the door. My Mom—my oh-so-beautiful mom—hugged me tightly. Autumn caressed my cheeks while Dad just chose to watch us. I couldn’t read what he was thinking.

“May gusto ka ba, anak? May masakit ba sa’yo?” Tanong ni Mama.

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