Temptation (Dream X Reader)

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eeeee im getting butterflies just thinking about this
prompt: you and dream get high and a whole lotta sexual tension

contains: sexual tension, drug use, oral sex (f receiving)

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You and Dream were now roommates, having been dating online for months now and you two had newly moved in together. You two haven't had sex yet at all, the only sex you had in the relationship at all was over discord calls before the meet up happened, so lets just say there was a LOT of tension between you and him...

Dream was out running errands, and you were very bored. You let out a sigh, sinking into the bean bag chair. You thought about what to do, when an idea popped into your mind. I wanna get high.

You giggled as you shuffled to Sapnap's room, seeing him gaming.

"Hey, Sap," you smiled, giving him a friendly hug from behind his gaming chair. You and Sapnap were close friends, and Dream was comfortable and trusted you to be physical with Sapnap, like hugs or friendly stuff.

"Hey, what's up?" He lifted his head to look at you, moving away one of the headphones to hear better.

"I was wondering...", you smirked, "can I borrow your pen?"

"My pen? Like my weed pen?" His eyes widened, and he chuckled.

"Yesss..." you gave him puppy eyes, hoping he would give in.

Sapnap rolled his eyes, refocusing on his games, but pointed to his bed, "Its on my bed over there, don't overdo it, okay?"

"Okay!" you said joyfully, prancing over and grabbing it, taking it back into your room that you shared with Dream.

The only time you've ever gotten high before this moment was at a regrettable party, so saying you were "a little nervous" would be a understatement.

You gently placed the juul pen on your lips, and inhaled. The taste of weed and smoke in your throat, you exhaled and coughed. You sighed, wondering when Dream would be home.


You blinked, and winced as your eyes started to adjust to the light again. Oh, I must've feel asleep...

When your eyes finally adjusted, you saw him. Dream was sitting across from you, eyes pink. He was hitting the pen, then blew the smoke out. "Getting high without me, baby?"

He chuckled, rubbing his jaw with his veiny hand. You felt a overwhelming feeling, like you had done something wrong. Something about Dream seemed... off.

Dream lifted his finger, motioning you to come over. "C'mere, baby."

You twiddled your thumbs, and nervously got up and walked to where he was sitting.
He stared up at you, a smirk on his face. His hands gently went to the sides of your thighs, then your hips before he bared his teeth and snatched you forward, into his lap, straddling him. Your heart was practically beating out of your chest, eyes widened and pink. Dream pulled you closer, biting his lip before turning his head so his mouth was next to your ear.

"I want you to cum all over my face," he whispered, making your thighs tighten around his. He took another hit from the pen, blowing the smoke into your face.

"Im gonna make you cum more than ever" he chuckled, his eyes rolling back for a moment as he felt you grind on him.

"You're such a good fucking girl, ya'know that?" He mumbled, staring into your eyes, before lifting you up by your legs and tossing you onto your shared bed.

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