Chapter Two

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The picture was just because of the infamous superfrown. ....okay, maybe because of Kevin's pose, too. 😅 Read on, my fellow Pentaholics.

Two weeks and counting until the concert. Currently, I was on coffee duty. We may or may not have had a party the night before, due to school being let out and the three of us graduating with the degrees we aimed for, and I was the only one not hungover. Therefore, I was on my way to Starbucks. As I was sitting idle at a red light, I absently switched on the radio. The first thing I heard clearly was after the light turned green, and I nearly crashed my car.
"Listen up, Pentatonix fans! One lucky caller will be receiving three backstage passes to the group's upcoming show at Darien Lake! Dial this number: 776-1211-4453 and best of luck to you!" The number was dialed into my phone before he'd even finished speaking, and I was anxiously waiting. The last thing I expected to get for an answer was this. "Congratulations, lucky caller number 24! Tell us your name, would you?" I barely managed to audibly squeak out, "J-Jasmine Haight." The man laughed. "Surprised, are we? Well, come on down to the station, and pick up your prize!"
I fumbled with a thank you and hung up, pulled into the Starbucks drive thru, got the coffee and practically threw the money at the grouchy lady before speeding off to the radio station. With my coffee in a shaky hand, I entered the station. The secretary looked up at my arrival and smiled at me, small dimples appearing in her cheeks. "Jasmine?" I nodded and smiled back, hardly believing I'd won. After showing some ID, a violet envelope was passed to me, and I thanked her repeatedly before leaving for home, nearly breaking all the speed limits on the way. The girls would not believe this.

"Sorry, you WHAT?" Taige exclaimed, pressing a bag of ice to her temple immediately after with a small 'ow'. As if in slow motion, I swung a backstage pass in front of each of their faces. Taige grabbed hers and examined it, and then looked up at me. "You didn't." I grinned down at my bleary-eyed friend. "Oh, but I did." Dani fell back onto the couch in shock. "We're.... We're going to..." I finished her sentence for her, as her mouth didn't seem to be cooperating with her brain. "We're going to meet Pentatonix," I said, a breathy laugh escaping me before I sank down onto the armchair. "We're going to meet Pentatonix," I repeated under my breath, the situation finally sinking in. Relief was followed by excitement, and panic quickly followed that. "Girls, we can't screw this up," I said, sitting up. Both of my figurative sisters looked at me, no doubt guessing my line of thinking.
What if one of us messed up? What if one of us said something to piss one of them off? What if I said something to make Avi dislike me?

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