Emile's Point of View
"Next time on Xenoblade Chronicles we'll be continuing on through Mechonis Field. See you guys then." I shut off the recorder as I put the video in a file to edit. I walked around the house, just because I was bored. Jon was Recording in his room, Lindsey and Cole We're snuggled together, sleeping. Kirby and Teddy were eating on the Fridge.... I should really change where they eat. Nah to much work. I went back to Jon's room and flopped on his bed, Bouncing off of it.
"Jon why is your bed so fluffy?" I asked him as I kept bouncing on it.
"Bec-cause it's brand new, you bouncing on I-it doesn't help it." He told me spinning in his chair. He slightly Glitched In between a few words. I Felt a shy smile on come into my face as he curled up next to me.
"Are you going to tell the fan or do you want me too? Or do you want to keep it hidden till Pax?" I asked Jon softly as he let out a small noise.
"Let's wait till Pax. To much is happening and we still have to tell Cole and Lindsey that's their coming with us." He told me softly as his eyes drooped.
"Go to sleep Jon. The other two are snuggled up asleep. They'll be fine." I told him, planting a kiss on his head as he fell asleep.
"Sleep tight Jon. See you in the morning."
Kirby's Point of View (yes his cat)

Loud human and his Young human and company are all sleeping. Now I can finally talk.
"Teddy? Where are you? It's been an Hour? Hide an' seek is starting to get boring." I mowed around the kitchen, calling it he was probably on top of the fridge eating food.
"Hmp? Fwood Is in Me Mowth? Whaft do You Wantf?" He asked me, his chewed food coming out.
I let out a small chuckle as I nuzzled his cheek. He may be big but he's my Teddy bear.

Okay got bored at the end and I wanted to do something at the end so Kirby is a female in this tale. So I won't be updating till Saturday because I get to go to Washington DC with no Phone! I'm excited!!

Byeeeeee Wolves

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