8(formerly I hate him, I love him, I miss him, he's dead)

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The next day Chris was waiting for me outside my house.

"Hi! How come you're here?"

"Did you want to see Will?" He looked hurt.

"No, no, I just wasn't expecting anyone."

"Oh, well I thought that I might as well come pick you up!"


We started walking, but after 5 minutes I heard  Amelia's annoying voice and I turned around.

"Well, well, Miss Satan."


"How was detention? Oh wait, or did you not know?"

"No, I knew." her face changed dramatically. "Thanks for the note!"


"I got the Head's note."

"You what?"

"See you later Amelia." I went into the short cut and Chris followed me.

"OK that was weird, but anyway."

"Yeah, you'll get used to her being dumbfounded"

"Or just dumb." he muttered.

"Ouch! You're harsh."

"Well, I've seen her around, she's not the brightest human ever."

"I guess."

We walked a while, not saying much.

"Hey, Maggie?"


"I was wondering if on Saturday you wanted to go see a movie with me?"

"Sorry I have some things to do."

"How about Sunday?"

"Sure. Is Will coming?"

"Erm, I was thinking maybe just us two."

"Um. Ok. Sure."

"Great!" This should be really fun right? I mean I didn't usually go out as friends or with anyone, but things like this are supposed to be fun right?

When I got to school they laughed and asked about detention but I shut them up pretty quick when I said it was OK.

"Hey, what's up with your eye?"


"Are you being abused by your guardian" enfasis on guardian.

"No, it was the Head." Haha! They were shut up again! I love the sound of silence! -Okay maybe not that much, but whatever.

Now I just have to get through today and tomorrow, cleaning out Gs stuff, wow! That was quick!

Chris' POV

I actually couldn't stop the smile on my face from showing, it was physically impossible!

We were going out to see a movie on Sunday! I know I didn't know her all that well, but she shared quite a bit with us, more than some of the people she's known forever it seems!

For some reason there seems to be a small connection.

The rest of the day went so fast I couldn't believe it!

When Will got home from walking Maggie home I started bouncing up and down.

"You know you're supposed to be the older brother right?"

"Yeah. So what? I'm happy!"


"I never thought you'd ask!" If it was possible, my smile got bigger.

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