My car broke down.

I was currently around three traffic lights away from The Pizza Plaza, searching for Dennis' name in my contact list, grateful that Chloe actually thought of putting it in as I stood in the chilly nightlife in that ridiculously short skirt. 

Darn you, Chloe.

I actually could not believe my luck. Was this some sort of punishment for all the terrible things I've done in my life, such as forgetting to water my dearly beloved Arbutus unedos for an entire week?

Was this is what Justin Timberlake meant by the whole 'what goes around comes around' thing?

If so, damn Karma, you sure know when to come into my life.

With my heart beat accelerating, I pressed the call button and waited anxiously for my 'date' to pick up. Honestly, I felt sorry for him. This whole 'blind date' thing was a stupid idea. I can't believe I let Chloe talk me into this. Dennis DiCaprio? He's definitely going to think this was a total waste of time.


And just like that, I forgot how to breathe.

My breath hitched in my throat for what felt like an eternity. His smooth voice caught me entirely off guard.

Far out, he even sounded attractive over the phone. 

I'd only seen Dennis a few times at school, and those rare occasions were from a long distance - way too far to clearly make out any distinctive features about him, but from what Chloe tells me, he's absolutely gorgeous, both physically and personality wise.

"Hello?" He repeated again, snapping me out of my daze. 

Allie, speak already, goddammit!



"Hi!" I chirped, smiling broadly at the sound of my name coming from him. 

Oh my God, I hope I didn't sound too enthusiastic. I should have said 'Hi' more casually. Or maybe I should have said 'Hey'. That would have been played more coolly, right?

"Hey!" He beamed, just as cheerfully, "Where are you?"

By now, my heart was pounding against my chest. I didn't know whether it was because I was so relieved he sounded excited to hear from me, or because I was too embarrassed to reply to his question.

I shut my eyes, feeling like a fool, "I'm actually on Xerxes St. My car broke down ten minutes away from the restaurant."

I waited for him to say that it would have been a waste of his time anyway, or to just declare the date cancelled.

But instead, he chuckled. 

His laughter was soft, and had my heart strings tugging as he reminded me of a little kid, it made me smile.

"That's okay, I'll meet you half-way then?"


"I'm on my way towards you, just keep walking up, and I guess we'll see each other half-way." Dennis said, as I heard some background noises then the sounds of cars, signaling he was outside the restaurant. 

"Really? You still want to go through with this?" I blurted, my cheeks burning, thankful that he can't see me as my legs begin moving across the road.

"Don't you?" He asked, his voice filled with genuine concern. "Oh." He suddenly muttered as if he caught onto something, "If you were calling to cancel, I totally underst-

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