Chapter 100: Clove

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"Cato!" I yell urgently from the kitchen. He comes bounding down the stairs, suitcase in hand. I smile up at him and peck his cheek. "You have to have breakfast or we aren't going anywhere" I say tauntingly. He laughs lightly and rolls his eyes.

"Don't tell me what to do" he says pulling me close and holding me there. I kiss his cheek and lead him over to the kitchen table. I sit him down and pass him a breakfast of bacon and eggs. He starts to eat slowly, trying to drag this out,

"Come on, I want to go! Honeymoon, please" I say and he laughs at me, chastizingly. I look down, holding in my anger and sit across from him. I eat my smaller plate of just eggs and sigh. 

"Okay, let's go" Cato says rinsing off the dishes and I grab out heavy bags, they're not as heavy as I expected though. I carry them to our new car. It's sleek but has 5 seats, just in case we have kids sooner or later.

"So we're going to District 10" Cato says, but it sounds like a question. I nod and slip into the car. He starts it up and we drive for hours.

"Clove we're here" Cato says smiling down at me. I sit up and look around, I must have fallen asleep. He pulls up into a large cabin-like hotel and we step out of the car. I take my two small bags and Cato grabs his own large, heavier one.

"Our room is 224" he says "There are only 3 floors, should be easy" I nod and lean onto him as we wait on the elevator. He runs his hands over my waist and I smile up at him carefully.

"There it is!" I say trying to be as childishly as I can. Cato rolls his eyes and he opens the door with a key I didn't notice he got from the lobby. My mouth drops and I gaze around the room. It's beautiful. The inside and out look like an old cabin, wood accenting and old fashion wooden carved furniture. I smile wildly and jump onto the bed. This is so fun!

"We get to go riding, you chose it" he says smile and pulling me off of the bed gently. I smile and lead him to the wooden barn at the back of the property. An older woman gestures for us to join her and she shows us the basic of the tack and how to steer a horse. Ever since I was young I've wanted to ride, I finally can. No matter how much I complained. The only horse stuff I could do was buy books and watch ancient movies that I found in the attic.

"Thank you ma'am" Cato says sweetly as she shows us to our horses. She tells us where the are and their names. I got Soldier and Cato got SparkleFoot. Which I almost choked when I laughed.

"Clove, shut it" Cato grumbles in fake anger. I walk over to Soldier and pull her out of her large stall. She stomps her feet and I tack her up. I lead over to Cato, who's struggling a lot and help him with the girth. I love knowing more than him.

"Come one buddy" Cato says sweetly and I stifle a laugh. He's so cute with SparkleFoot. I mount my brindle mare and head off, knowing Cato will rush to meet me. Where to go?

I walk Soldier to the edge of the woods and let her graze as I wait for Cato. He finally arrives and we head out on our honey moon ride. I spur on Soldier and leave Cato in our dust. We ride to the opposite edge of the woods and onto the open expanse of fields. I kick her all the way to a gallop and we accidentally jump a few fallen logs and old machine parts.

"Clove slow down" Cato yell as SparkleFoot tries to catch up. I shake my head, this is my new a drug. We gallop until I feel like the horses need a break, then turn around and walk back to the hotel.

"Clove, you rode well" Cato says awkwardly, that definitely has a double meaning. I smile and a laugh escapes me unintentionally.  He picks me up and carries me to the room. I open the door and there are candles and deep blue roses everywhere. How did he do this? I was with him the whole time.

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