Chapter 99: Johanna

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I'm getting a baby! I'm not giving birth to it, no thanks, but I'm adopting. I already adopted one from District 1 and this one will be from 2. I want to start my own adoption and foster center for the "unwanted" kids from the Districts.

"She's here" I say as I lift my first baby up into my arms. He's so cute, like a mini Gale but with deep green eyes and lighter hair. Even as a toddler he has Gale's type of angular face. He smiles lightly and I start to come up with a good name for him. He came here as an Alex but he doesn't look right with that name.

"You look like a Griffen" I say fiercely and he laughs. He's almost 4 but he's been abused and isn't talking yet. I want to teach him everything I know. He will be my own son.

"Okay let's go get her" I say sweetly and kiss his pudgy cheek. "Her name is Allye, you'll like her" I say as we walk to the train station where she should be and he nods, a huge smile on his face. I can tell he understands me, but he just doesn't talk.

"Here's the girl" the woman says yanking the girl forward. I glare at her and gently take the little girl's hand. She looks up at me, then to Griffen and smiles, like she knows this will be home. From what I can tell she's about 7 and she probably doesn't talk much. "She's a weird one" the woman says bitterly and I glare harder.

"Please don't criticize Allye. She's obviously traumatized whether it be at your hands or not and she's too young to know. Say anything about her again and I swear, you won't talk for a week" I mutter quietly, so the people around don't hear. The woman gulps, very loudly and smiles fakely.

"Let's go home" I say sweetly and Allye, with Griffen in my other arm back to our house. The new house is bigger than I'm used to with enough rooms for Allye and Griffen to move into when they're old enough. The back has a huge fenced in yard that a pack of wolves would be happy with and a small shed in the far corner.

"Let's get you a room" I say as I place Griffen in his cradle and lead Allye to the room. Right now it's plain white but we're going to pain it how ever she likes. She smiles up at me and looks over the paints, knowing what we're going to do.

"Pink, Blue and black" she says pulling the small tins out of the pile. We can make those colors work. I gather some brushes of all widths and hand her one. Her cute purple dress will get paint on it but we can always buy more dresses.

"You ready?" I ask and look over, she's already started and she can paint well. She's started to draw some people and what looks like a big dog, or is it a horse? She's not that good. She smiles proudly and steps back, so I can see the full picture.

"That's my old family. My horse's name was Justice. She was a pony. And that's my mommy. Daddy used to yell at her and hit her" she says cheerfully, probably because she doesn't understand.

"My old boyfriend beat me, hard" I say quietly, not exactly trying to tell her but it just came out. She nods and starts to work on another drawing on the opposite side of the room. I watch as she paints some more but turn to draw on an unpainted wall. I don't fully focus on the painting until it's done. I painted my prison cell. I shutter and splatter some black paint over it untill it looks like some lines with polka dots over them.

"I like yours" Allye says sweetly. I turn and look at her, another family portrait. "This is my new family" she says pointing to three people lined up next to, another horse?

"Who's that?" I ask dramatically and point to the tallest one, a brunette girl with choppy brown hair. It's been a long time since my time in the Capitol but I decided to keep my hair the way it was growing back.

"That's you and this is me" she says smiling proudly "That's Griffen and that's a horse. We should get one. We're in a good place to keep it. I can plan out the barn and everything" she says excitedly, bouncing up and down in her place. I shrug but her face gets to me, I nod and she squeals.

"What should we name the horse? Or will it be horses?" I ask smiling and sitting across from her on the ground. She shrugs but looks like she's thinking over this carefully.

"Maybe one could be Liberty and Pepper or maybe another Justice" she says smiling and I nod. "How soon can we get our horses?" she asks impatiently. I smile and lead her into the living room.

"Here, take these markers and draw out your plan for the barn. I'll call around and see what I can find" I say kissing her head lightly. She nods and start to draw quietly. I call around and find a woman offering a mare and filly for a decent price.

"Can we come over later today and see them? I've been around horses when I was a kid so I can train the filly, yes, thanks" I say and hang up. I look back and Allye and smile.

"Time to go see our new horses. What's your plan?" I ask and she shows me a pretty well drawn barn from above. She drew a large pasture in the back of the tiny, maybe 3-stall, barn. I nod in approval and she smiles. Since I'm a Victor the new government pays for anything I was, and a bonus because of my time in the Capitol. I don't have to work so I can stay home with Allye and Griffen. 

"Let's go! Come on mommy! Let's go already!" she says and I smile down at her. This is where I belong, this is my new home. 

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