Chapter 97: Clove

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The baby's coming, I'm in so much pain and Cato's out with a friend. He went with his old best friend, Kile because he's a father and Cato wanted to learn. I feel like I might explode, how am I supposed give birth with no one arround? I need to call someone!

"Mom!" I call into the phone. If she's still in District 3 she can help me. "I need you help! The baby's early!" I say and I can tell she's trying to think. I need to go to the hospital. 

"Okay just calm down, it'll take me about half an hour to get there" she says hurried. I sigh and I feel another painful kick. "Can you get a neighbor to drive you? Where's Cato?" I whimper accidentally in pain and hang-up. I need Cato!

"You stupid baby!" I scream at my stomach as I head to the neighbor's house. I knock on the door relentlessly and an old man opens the door. Oh no, not a man. I don't don't trust him already. He smiles and I can feel myself sweating.

"Can you drive me to the hospital?" I ask, desperately trying to not scream at him. He looks at me unsurely and I try for a smile. "I need to go! Now!" I say and he rushes me to the hospital. 

"Cato!" I yell and he runs to see me on the rolling stretcher. This is it. I smile shyly when he kisses my cheeks. My eyes start to get heavy and I start to feel really weak, like I might blackout. "I love you" I say and with that I'm out.

"Where am I?" I ask and I notice a small baby in my hands, did I have the baby already? The baby giggles lightly and it looks very girly. She has tufts of soft brown hair and deep brown eyes. She looks a little like me but with brown eyes. She smiles up at me and I look around where we are, confused.

"Clove, I'm so gld you came!" I know that voice, I turn around quickly and see Martiall. I gape at him and he smiles wildly. I run to hug him, still holding the little girl. I look around and see a lot more people that I seem to have missed before. Most of them should be dead. Did I die? I see Prim, who should be dead, Gale, who should be dead, Rue, who should be dead and even Finnick. I look around at them carefully and they all welcome me to their group. Glimmer and Marvel are watching me but they don't seem to want to come over. Gloss walks up to me and hugs me gently, being careful of the baby.

"Where am I?" I ask carefully. They all smile, with what seems like pity and share a laugh. I start to feel defensive and they smile more genuinely. I wait for the answer but they seem to be treading carefully.

"You died" Martiall says gravely, breaking the news and I hold in a scream. I couldn't have died! I couldn't have left Cato just like that! Wait, does that mean the baby is mine? Did the baby die too? I killed the baby! I know I did, I was too weak to support the baby. "You died giving birth to this one" Prim says smiling. I force a smile and look away.

"How do I get back?" I ask carefully. They all laugh and I sigh, so I'm stuck here. I can't be! There has to be an undo button. I start to focus on home but nothing happens. Am I really stuck in here? All because of this stupid baby! I'd rather be alive with Cato and no kids than dead but I have a kid wherever I am.

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