Men Are From Mars (8)

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“Ava!” Collin shouted as he galloped through the sand like an excited dog.

We were walking down the boardwalk stairs that led down to the beach. The carnival had started a half an hour ago. I wanted to go early before it got crowded, but Ava insisted on charging her video camera.

She was going to be on the prowl for Liam all night, hoping to get some good footage for the film. I was tagging along because it was a Friday, and I didn’t really have a choice. There would be no footage without me. Ava would have molested my phone with her constant calls if I had tried to stay home.

I didn’t really mind going to the carnival, seeing as how it was one of the only exciting events that our tiny town organized throughout the year. Businesses from the boardwalk sent up colorful tents down in the sand and sold discounted products. There were rows and rows of festival games for the little kids to play and wins prizes from. This year there were even a few amusement rides that had been brought in: a giant Ferris wheel and one of those horrible contraptions that spins round and round until you barf. Almost all the profit from the fair went back to the community.

The only part of the night that I was reluctant about was the Liam component. Maybe being in a relationship wasn’t worth it, seeing as how Tyler had already caused drama. Not that Liam and I were dating. See? Boys just make me confused.

“Ugh, how did he see us already? I not even wearing any bright clothes today.” Ava complained.

“Yeah,” I questions looking her up and down, “Who’s funeral are we going to?” It was weird seeing Ava dressed in something other then un-matching colorful patterns of floral and strips.

“This is director’s attire.” She said brushing out the wrinkles in her shirt, “Haven’t you ever watched a behind the scene’s part of the movie? You know, where the director discusses where their inspiration came from?”

I stared at her blankly.

“Well, I guess not. But for the record, you were my inspiration for this film. You and Tyler.” She was glaring down at her shoes, as if it was their fault for sinking into the sand. Really, who wears heals to the beach?

“Well, I’m glad my failed relationship helped someone.” I huffed, digging my toes into the cool tiny grains.

“Ava!” Collin panted before she could respond to my self-pity. He had finally reached us.

“Let me guess? You just saw Justin Bieber. Is that why you were running like a crazed twelve year old girl?” She asked him, a small smile tugging at the edge of her lips.

Collin took a step back, surprised. “Must you always be so negative?” He said putting a hand to his heart. “My feelings have seriously been taking a beating since coming to live with you.”

“Yup,” Ava said shaking her head, “Definitely a little girl.”

“Well, this twelve year old knows what she want you to buy her.” Collin said in a girly voice, “And it’s not JB’s new CD.”

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