Chapter 10

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"Heyooo! Today is the day! Wake up sleeping beauty!" Said a familiar gruff voice. The sound of curtain hooks clashed together as their fabric panels were being pushed aside, letting in a stream of sunlight. "Come on, don't make me pull the covers off of you." The voice said, much closer now. The bed dipped down and long hair tickled his nose.

Sora slowly blinked his eyes open to find an excited Riku leaning over him, his silver haired ponytail right over Sora's face. Riku gave him a big, closed-eye smile. His excitement was contagious, and Sora couldn't help but smile back. "Are you ready for this?" Sora asked, raising an eyebrow at his best friend as he slowly pulled the warm covers from his upper body.

Riku sat back on his hands and smirked confidently. "Hah! I've been ready. The real question is, are you?" Riku asked as he raised his own eyebrow sarcastically at Sora.

The brunette slowly sat up and scratched at his bed head to give himself a moment to think seriously about Riku's question. "Mmm. I mean, I've already revealed myself back when I did that interview with Kairi. This is your first time showing everyone the second face behind Paopu Fruit Studios."

"I wasn't talking about the panel." Riku replied, giving him a wink before standing up to give Sora some space to get out of bed.

Sora blushed as Kairi's smile filled his thoughts. His eyes flicked up to Riku's face and then back down at the bed. Sora didn't need long to make up his mind. "Ready as I'll ever be. Let's do this!" He threw the rest of the covers to the side as he stood up and stretched.

"That's what I'm talking about." Riku patted him on the back proudly. He made his way to the other side of Sora's room towards the closet. "By the way, I'm picking out your clothes for the day. No complaining." Riku said as he opened the closet door. Unfortunately, Riku had forgotten about Roxas's little cleaning spree earlier in the week. Sora couldn't help but double over laughing as he watched the closet comically explode all over Riku. Several pieces of clothing, a few pillows and even a chair came tumbling out.

Riku rolled his eyes and discarded the hoodie that had landed on his face before stepping over the mess to get to Sora's clothes that were still hanging inside the closet. Sora thought he heard Riku say something under his breath about kicking Roxas's ass, but Riku soon emerged looking less angry. He victoriously held up a pair of black slim fit jeans, a comfortably worn-in red tee, and an oversized jean jacket. "Wear these with those sneakers." He pointed to a pair of high top sneakers that had tumbled out of the closet in the "explosion."

Sora was impressed. Riku always knew how to dress well so it made sense that he'd want for them to look good at the panel. And for Kairi... Riku looked to already be dressed in what he was going to wear for the day: fitted jeans, a button up with a couple of buttons undone, and black boots. He had pulled his silver hair back into a ponytail, leaving a few tresses loose in front of his face.

"Do something with your hair." Riku said as he stepped out of the closet and over the mess on the floor. Sora self-consciously ran his fingers through his bedhead. Riku plopped the outfit onto Sora's bed and turned to leave. "Oh and wear a nice cologne. Not for me. For Kairi." And with a wink, Riku closed Sora's bedroom door, leaving him blushing with the thought of Kairi being that close to him.

It wasn't long before Sora and Riku were ready to go with a backpack of electronics in tow. They made it to the expo's hotel with time to spare. Sora had decided against the facemask since everyone attending would know he was there for his panel today. He made sure his badge was visible as he and Riku quickly walked past the info booth on the first floor to the glass elevators. He did not want a repeat of yesterday.

Once the elevator stopped on the correct floor, Sora and Riku made their way to the section of the floor that was going to hold all the panels for the weekend. Sora followed Riku to their panel room, but stopped at the threshold, his mouth agape. "Riku, why the hell did you get such a big room? Look at all of these chairs... There must be like a hundred."

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