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my ma says im faking being sick  everytime i am. like girl you literally saw the thermometer say 99.2 ☠️

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also my phone is very laggy when typing for some reason so chapters may be delayed.

you grabbed gregory's hand, beginning to run as you assumed an animatronic was chasing you two again. from the shocked look on freddy's face and his distant stare behind you, you guessed that was exactly it.

as you and gregory got closer to freddy; he opened his chest cavity, allowing for gregory to jump in. he did, leaving you outside.

you didn't think the animatronics would attack you unless someone messed with their programming.

as soon as gregory entered freddy, you turned around to the robot chasing you two being met with the alligator thing again.

he seemed to calm down as he realized gregory wasn't near but as his optics zoomed in onto you, he grew hostile again which confused you.

his mouth opened, a chuckle escaping through his voice box. you gulped, turning on your heels and letting your running feet carry you way from the robot. freddy stared at the gator like he was surprised, his jaw agape.

" he shouldn't be acting like this! " freddy called which you were startled you could hear him clearly until you noticed you still had the watch latched onto your wrist.

" i think somethings wrong with his programming, if you can deactivate him i might be able to fix him. i'm not very skilled but i've done a few things with my dad when i was little. " you smiled slightly at the memory though it wasn't the time for it. " i also took a short coding class. "

" how would we be able to deactivate him? " you heard gregorys high pitched voice ask. you planned to answer before you turned a corner, your shoes sliding making you slip onto your side. you quickly backed up behind the pillar, clutching your rib. you heard the robots footsteps near, you moved your feet closer to yourself. you just hoped you were hidden enough.

" poor y/n. " a voice emitted from your watch, giving away your position but it wasn't the one you were expecting.

you slid up the wall, beginning to run again. your head felt like a bunch of pressure was being put onto it, you groaned trying to push the feeling away and continue to run but upon noticing the robot vanished; you stopped running. 

" giving up so soon? " the lights burned into your eyes more than normal, a frown forming onto your face. " i wish we could've had a bit more fun with you. "

the voice became louder, making you realize it wasn't from your watch. it was in your head.

that fall wasn't what made you hurt like this, it was this person. this voice.

you wanted to close your eyes and succumb to sleep but thoughts of gregory, sunny, and your parents kept you awake.

you squinted your eyes at the newly found person above you. pink glowing eyes, the white was that bunny.

" dissemble y/n. " she raised a button infront of your face , pressing it as slowly as she could.

the button glowed a green, making you widen your eyes.

" no! " you felt a cold hand grab your arm, and another on your other, and one on your leg.

" y/n! " you heard gregory yell, his tiny footsteps beginning to run over to the scene. " stop! " you felt some of the pressure loosen on your left arm, turning you watched gregory struggle to pull a bot off of you. 

" i'll let you go this once y/n.  " you heard the bunnys voice in your head again before the cold hands were off of you.

" what the fuck just happened. " you had to clutch your head when rethinking back to the events.

" y/n! " you felt gregorys arms wrap around you, a smile forming on your face even after all that happened.

" my hero. " you tightened your grip around him, patting his back as you felt his tears litter onto your shirt.

" why would vanny let you go? " freddy stood beside you two, you looked at him with a dead panned look.

" thanks for helping freddy. " he gave you a thumbs up and you couldn't tell if he was stupid or it was sarcasm.

" be grateful y/n's alive. " gregory furrowed his brows at freddy before smiling at you.

omg this chapter made no sense hopefully none of you are awake so i can revise it 🤪

i am trying to make something happen with vanny  but i wont spoil. yknow drama has to happen.

yall better know that gregory and y/n's relationship is like mom and son. yea i see yalls comments. reply to the comments tagging me if u see them so i can delete them.

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