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LiyahP.V.O. I woke up nd went to go get in the shower. I wore(OUTFIT IN MEDIA) nd curled my hair. I grabed my phone nd my nd my keys then walked out to my car . I pulled up to school nd called Jazmine.
J- hello
L-yea umm where yu at i gotta lase yu up on some stuff that happend last night.
J- im in the gym.
L- ight im on my way in there.
J- aight. We hung up. I was on my way to walking in the gym when.i ran into Mr.Alsina. hey Mr.Alsina. hey Liyah. So yu comimg to tutoring today. No why. Ohh cause yu have to. Why i said confused.? Because yur grade in my class aint that good nd i think yu need tutoring. Yea ok i said getting an additude. I walked away nd went to the gym where Jazmine was. I walked in nd seen Jazmine. Liyah she yelled. I looked then headed to go sit by her. So what hapend yesterday that yu need to tell me.? Oh girl yu wont belive who my nieghbors is that live across from us? Who. Guess. Umm Javen. No. Jermiah. No. Well idk. Alright its Mr.Alsina. Ahhhhhhhh she said screaming. Yu lieing. No im not. Omg this is good. No its not. Nd why. Because he is married nd he got a baby. Frfr. Yes nd like during the whole time while his wife nd my mom was talking he was just trynna make eye contact wid me but like i would look up every once in a while. Girl im telling yu wife / kid or not he like yu regardless. Yu gone stop all that. Im serious. Yea i bet yu is nd tell me why my mom asked him am i doing good nd he was like yea she just need to stop puting her head down. Nd my mom was like yea but once yu get to know her shell come around nd he said yea i bet. Then she asked him do he give tutoring. He said yea after school. Nd she said oh so whenever yu feel the need to tutor her i have no problem wid that. He said ok then looked at me
Nd smiled. I smiled back. Then after that we left. Girl watch what i tell yu yall gone get together nd have a baby. She said smiling at me. Girl noo. Ight lets bet money on this. Alright. Bet $25. Yea well see cause its not gone happen. Alright but if yall get together yu wont have to give me the money we gotta see if it happens all together. Alright girl yu so crazy. i said laughing then we was walking to breakfast.
We walked to breakfast but i didnt eat anything because u wasnt that hungry so i just grabed me a apple nd went tk sit down at a table then sasha walked up to the table. Hey liyah, Hey sasha. wheres jazz do yu know? Yea she in the line she should be ova here in a bit. Ight i said nd waited then she came. Nd we talked unill brrakfast was ova nd it was time for 1st period.