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XXVIII: Oil and Water

"Would you like to play a game with me?"

I felt my throat constrict against itself as i didn't dare turn behind me, knowing who would be there. Both Sae-byeok and I stayed quiet and completely still, just staring ahead. Maybe, just maybe if we were still enough, he would leave and find us useless to his little game.

"I was talking to you 132 and 067." The man spoke up again, as my head whipped to look at him. He was the exact same man I had seen what felt like years ago. Hearing Sae-byeok's shaky breaths, I knew it was my time to step up.

"What did you just say?" I seethed at the suited man who just stared down at us. He held the two different covered papers in his hand, leaning them slightly towards me, as if trying to sway me to give in to this stupid game again.

This man had blood on his hands, and i desperately wanted to get away from him, away from anything that brought bad memories of the games with it.

"I asked--," he was cut off by Sae-byeok quickly standing up, ripping the two papers from his hands before throwing on the floor and spitting on it. Her body turned stiff and rigid, as she stomped towards him, affectively crushing the papers under her feet.

"I'll fucking kill you!" She screamed as she grabbed the front of his suit and roughly yanked him towards her. He stayed completely calm, nearly limp in her hold as he simply gave her a sly smile.

"Then that would make you just as bad as me." He carelessly said, before turning to me. "Right?" I breathed in sharply through my nose, jumping to my feet and pulling Sae-byeok away from the man with a bit of difficulty. I hated to say it, but if she stuck to her word, which was no empty threat, she would be just as bad.

"He's not worth it Sae, let's go." I whispered under my breath as she kept her eyes on the man. I pulled her away from him by her arm as she clumsily stumbled behind me.

"100,000 won isn't worth it?" He yelled out from behind me, and my lips pursed in annoyance. Why everywhere we went, the memories and reminders of those 6 days relentlessly followed us?

"It is, but dying isn't."

The feeling was starting to get suffocating. I felt as though even the tiniest of reminders pushed me closer to edge, closer to my breaking point. Good had definitely came out of the game, I thought, as my hands trailed down to Sae-byeok's entwining them, but the bad definitely outweighed.

Sometimes I had wished we had met under normal circumstances. Maybe we went to the same school, and became friends and slowly more. Anything to not carry the near unbearable weight this game has brought upon us. 

Sae-byeok must've noticed how tense and uncomfortable I suddenly became, as she squeezed her hand tightly around mine, looking down at me with a solemn face.

"We'll never escape it." I sighed tiredly, as I started swinging Sae's hands, in a way to conceal my shaking hands.

"One day we will. I promise." She replied and I helplessly shook my head. No matter how hard we tried to leave the past in the past, it always found a way to find us.

"No we can't. Or at least I can't." I felt my breathing become sharper and my chest tighten, as I swallowed harshly.

"Everything reminds me of it."

Abruptly, we stopped walking, and Sae let go of my hand. I turned to see her pained face, and realised how she may misunderstood what I said.

"Everything?" Her voice was quiet and cracked, and I took a step towards her, out reaching my hand.

"No, Sae—," I tried to reason before she quickly cut me off, shaking her head at me. She looked at me as though I was a stranger.

In no way did I look at her, and see the games. In no way did I think of one then remember the other.

"Don't you dare call me that." My hand dropped in shock as I just stared at the girl in front of me.

I understood how she may have taken what I said completely different to how I meant it, but I at least assumed she would take the time to understand me too.

"You're right. Everything reminds me of the games. Looking at your face makes me think of all those dead people. Hearing your voice is like nails on a chalk board, and quite frankly I'm done with that torture. I'm done with you. We're done." She spat out, and I felt my heart constrict as tears brimmed my eyes.

She had never spoken like that to me. Never once uttered something offensive or rude to me.


She looked me up and down with disgust. "You heard me. We're done." She whipped around quickly , walking in the complete opposite direction, leaving me stranded and my dave covered in my own tears.

I sat on a curb and sobbed into my hands, hiccuping here and there. I physically couldn't believe that Sae-byeok had just said all of that. I can't believe she had left.

I heard footsteps come up from behind me, and i'm a flurry whipped around, hoping to see the short haired girl who had stolen my heart and just crushed it minutes ago.

"My offer is still up."

I sighed, standing up and brushing off the dust and dirt that stuck to my clothing before out reaching my hand.

"Give me the damn paper."

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