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Sandro and I were walking down the hallway after the class.

I started rocking our intertwined hands cos I was bored.

"Stop it" Sandro grumbled.

I pouted.

"I am bored. " I said with a huff.

"What am I supposed to do. Dance in the fucking hallway of school" He said moodily.

I gasped.

"Sandro you said a bad word" I said placing my hands on the hips trying to look intimidating.

Lexi told me that it was a bad word and i should not say it.

"Well suck it up" He mumbled.

"But yes you can dance" I said smiling at him.

If he wants to dance then he will.

No one will stop him.

"I was just joking" He said frantically.

I pouted once more.

"Sandro, have you met kitty yet... And Zeus... And Tanner.... And Harley" I asked him excitedly.

"Not yet. When the last time I was at your house, we didn't get much time" He mumbled.

Yes. Last time they left early because of what Valerie did to me.

I don't like her and I also don't wanna see her ever again.

"So when will you meet them" I asked him.

"When I will be free"


I saw my next class which was science.

I gave Sandro a hug.

He didn't hug me back but maybe that's okay.

When I pulled away he looked pretty shocked.

"Bye Sandro" I said and ran to my class.


I was sitting in my room with laptop in my lap doing some paperwork.

Sometimes I really want to leave all this and live a simple life like a teenager would.

The mafia and whole business is sometimes a lot of stress.

But it takes only one sentence for me to get back to work
' If I want to give lessie the life she deserves, then I have to do this. I can do everything. For her.'

I miss lessie terribly.

Maybe sending her school without me was not a good idea.

She can spend the next days at home and can invite her friends over.

As much as I don't want to but I have to take Lorenzo's permission.

I immediately sat up on the bed and decided to go out for a bit.

I quickly changed into something decent.

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