Nowhere In sight

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I adore you and you know it.

I long for you yet you ignore it.

Sometimes I think of giving up,

But then I realize...

You're just to precious to be forgotten.

I saw you from a distance,

Making your way to someone.

You accidentally glanced at me,

And I fell in love in an instant.

Since then, you've always been on my mind,

WIshing someday you could be mine.

Luckily, fate was on my side,

We became friends once upon a time.

One cold december morning,

You called to me crying,

Telling me that the girl you loved just broke your heart

And it tore your world apart

There I was, your martyr friend,

Consoling oyu 'tll I heard you laugh again.

I told you everything's going to fall right into place.

"It would take time, but surely, you would have better days"

Many months passed and you moved on,

Through those times, our friendship grew strong.

Then I felt something oh-so-wrong,

A feeling that tells me you should know what's going on

One rainy school day,

I had the courage to say,

To tell you how I feel,

A feeling that is oh-so-real.

I told you you've captured my heart,

Whenever I see you, my heart needs to restart.

To you, my heart, i surrender,

Though it seems you would love me never.

Since that day, you never looked my way,

Since that day, you went away.

Our friendship that was once bright and colorful,

Now is dark and full of shades of gloom.

Now I long for the friendship that has come to an end.

The friendship that once cannot be bent.

I am left here wiping my own tears tonight,

While you are out there,

Nowhere in sight....

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