6. Pack Mentality Part 2

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I put a hand on the back of his neck, rubbing the skin there and feeling him slump. Angling his face up to meet my eyes, I thought about what I could say for a moment. "Relax. We're going to get out of here," I rumbled and he threw the balled up wolfsbane over to the door. A crash told me the wolf outside had fallen back into something once the smell hit him and Abe snickered, eyes on the door for less than a second before he turned to smirk at me. "You love to stir trouble," I muttered, but it was sadly fond.

"Pfft! Trouble just loves me," He squawked, pinching my nose before his eyes widened and bled crimson. He glared over to the door just as stagnant air rushed in with the opening of the thick steel doors. A mage stood there reeking of Dark magic and rot. She cricked a finger and I got out one bark of warning before I was unconscious, mind wrapped up in the clutches of darkness that only Black Mages could manipulate.

My eyes shot open as my wolf let me reclaim my own mind, anxiety in my bones as I shook and searched the room for the tiny Abe. He wasn't alone and snarling openly up to three leering wolf shifters, all of them licking their lips like he was their next meal. The roar that left my throat made the whole room freeze in time, even the alpha who had yet to be seen but was felt stop.

That was until I scented silver and knew at least a little of what was coming, still not moving my eyes from Abe's shaking form.

The blade was shoved roughly into my stomach, pure undiluted silver poisoning me and leaving me immobile. I coughed out specks of blood, body screaming in protest as I doubled over, the blade through my stomach hindering me big time. Abe!

I snarled as the Alpha of the pack circled a now shaking Abe. Was he angry or scared? Either wasn't ideal and my wolf made a few choked barks in warning to the pup that dared eye Abe. "My son may enjoy breaking you in," He remarked and Abe's head whipped up, crimson eyes flashing with murderous intentions as the wolf stopped and just chortled.

Even I, stronger if he hadn't laced my blood with the f*ckng wolfsbane, was a little anxious when that expression was on that short man's face. "Abe," I whispered and his eyes flitted over to me when the wolves watched me warily as well, then back to the one who had driven the blade through my gut. "Don't."

He exhaled heavily and the mage who had brought us out here didn't relax; she felt his anger, just under his skin, beginning to fan out on the air, making breathing difficult even for me. The alpha was stupid to keep taunting Abe. Even I could see that, and this new side to the optimistic partner of mine was making my wolf try to fight the poison in my system. I gripped the hilt, dragging an inch out and hissing in pain. The wolf heard it and returned to my side, three of his betas surrounding Abe. The blade was shoved back into my body, making me let out a snarl and a grunt, keeping the screams of pain inside.

I flashed my eyes up to him, not looking away and he smirked. "You seem a little protective of that little pretty thing. Why is that?" He asked, when clearly he knew the answer.

My wolf wasn't one to be talked down to and I slowly hobbled up to my feet, his hand still on the hilt of the silver sword and twisting slowly. I let out another snarl of agony, but my own hand came out and gripped around his wrist, squeezing. He let out a whimper when I broke that wrist with just a crick of my own and I stumbled back, closer to Abe, putting myself in between him and the feral alpha. "You made a mistake," I snarled at him, clenched fists shaking. "Touch him and I'll tear that empty head from your shoulders."

The alpha snarled right back and I knew it better than anyone that this battle of dominance was going to lead to one of us dead. I'd rather it be him.

The scents of more wolves made us both stop our snarls as his pack Warriors flooded into the room, but followed by a group of padded armour over bodies. Lizzie led the assault, flicking a finger and sending a wave crashing over a few omegas. "Freeze! Put your paws in the air and we won't open fire!" She ordered.

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