6. Pack Mentality Part 2

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Chief's POV

I watched as Elizabeth was telling a heart broken trainee tips on how to get back at her cheating ex-girlfriend by way of very clever and intricate planning requiring nothing more than a cup of laxatives and a few hired goons.

That woman was always one to be able to think quick on her feet once she got over her near-crippling shyness. "So, we have two officers in the company of the largest drug cartel Pack in the city and we cannot send back up?!" I asked, voice raised enough so that even Kyo could hear me from the coffee machine.

"Yes, sir. It seems in order to risk a rescue and take over, it would require more resources than we have at the moment. The Council and Court of Law are not all for it," The DA told me and I hit the desk with a clenched fist.

"Send in Lizzie!" I shouted and the shy girl stood up, walking in with a protective Kyo not far behind. His steaming coffee cup made me crave a shot of highly concentrated caffeine but I held back and huffed. "Lizzie; we have two officers locked and held hostage in the territory of the Pack of the Ceril City. The council and Board have not given us any back up but we need to pull our men out now."

She nodded, turning to stare up at the top of my desk. "I understand. We can begin by looking at their defences and stock. It won't take a moment. I know of their movements by way of an informant. It should be easy enough to enter through the east perimeter and then invade by way of the contact we have inside."

"I knew I could count on you," I chuckled.

As she blushed, Kyo automatically moved closer to put a hand on her shoulder, asking something in Japanese.

She laughed softly, replying in the same tongue before bowing to me a little. "I'll have the map drawn and the strategy hashed out in five minutes, sir."

"Good, we'll be relying on you then," I nodded.

"Sir," Kyo said as he walked a blushing Lizzie out of the room.

"Ah... To be young again. I never was so it must be nice," I laughed. "Now, my officer will come up with a course of action. You don't question her. She is a level headed and very sharp girl. We can trust her to rescue our own."


Septimus' POV

It stank of leaves and pharmaceutical remedials. I was going to be sick, but I had to be thankful Abe was still in my arms in this holding cell.

"Ugh..." Speaking of the little vampyre hybrid, he was waking up and rolling in closer to press his cheek to my chest. "Smells nice..."

He couldn't be talking about the stuff around us, especially when his nose was buried in against my shirt. "I'd disagree," I grumbled and he chuckled, pulling back and grimacing when he scented the air.

"Ugh! It stinks!" He croaked and I refrained from saying something sarcastic. He made me want to talk more, to hear his voice and I'd fight this as much as possible. "How long was I out?"

"For two hours. There's no one here other than the guard outside. The walls are laced with wolfsbane of the lethal kind and he can't come in, but that means I can't get out without the appropriate shielding charms," I told him.

"Sucks to be you wolves then, eh?" He winked. "They know I'm a vamp?"

"They said you were some kind of demon, but not a vamp."

"Perfect," He chuckled, sitting up and I followed suit, hissing when the wolfsbane touched my hand. It was hovering all over the place and Abe scowled at the little plant. He snatched it up, bawling it into his fists and grabbed the other hanging things, cussing under his breath. "When I get my claws on them..."

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