10. Hot On Your Heels

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Septimus' POV

The morning started off nice and calm, if you call a screaming pair of twins normal as they gulped down cup after cup of hot water. It seemed the ice water machine was broken. Elizabeth watched on from the doorway, a small smirk in place. That girl could hold a grudge like nobodies' business and this was a hidden side to her that everybody was now aware of. Apparently the twins hadn't gotten the memo earlier and were now paying the price. They'd retaliated when she'd superglued their fridge at home shut and left only jelly in the freezer for them to eat. A little pay back for the jelly-and-belongings-on-desk prank. Those boys were only realising now how dangerous it was to start a war with the quiet but secretly malevolent Elizabeth.

"Morning, Septimus," She murmured with a shy smile and I nodded. She was a strange one.

"Morning, Lizzie," I returned.

"Don't fancy a donut do you?" She asked.

She held up a half empty bottle of extra-spicy chilli sauce and then the box of donuts not yet devoured. "The twins were really quite hungry and had almost half the box!"

Said twins were still screaming at her for help. "Rizzie!" They got out around boiling hot tonsils. They were Trickster Demi-gods so they could handle it, but the pain in the moment... Lizzie was going on easy on them this time.

"Hmm?" I heard her sound, turning to them with an evil smile gracing her pink lips. "Oh, you want some more? There's a special extra sweet flavour I got this morning just for you two."

They backed up, ducking their heads under the sink to cup water up into their mouths with whimpers of pain. Their lesson must be learnt because their hair under the hats were also dyed pink. They loved their hair so this must be a nightmare and Hell combined. I'd had to deal with them fixing the heads of unruly strands for ten minutes before the sinks were open.

"Go easy on them," I grunted and Lizzie giggled, nodding to me.

"Abe was telling me he was going to be late in this morning."

I frowned. Why would he tell her?

I didn't want to ask her though, not when she was back to sweetly asking her victims if they wanted anything. Such a Devil.

Kyo was watching with one of his broad grins as he saw his partner patting their backs and asking them as they grabbed at their throats if they were still hungry and would like some jelly. "Ohayou," He greeted me as I passed.

"Ohayou," I parroted back, not sure what it meant but hoping it was a greeting. Good morning maybe?

"She on a roll today," He added in English and I nodded. Still, I was bothered. Why wouldn't Abe just tell me? My wolf didn't like the thought of him avoiding me and I frowned down to the chocolate sitting on the corner of Kyo's desk. "I only accepted them from Lizzie. She made them for me."


"Because while the other women were conveying their love, I can only accept Lizzie's feelings," He answered with only a few pauses. He was learning quickly. "She handmade these."

"Congratulations," I grunted, walking away and still stewing over the fact that I was being avoided. After the whole problems with that vampyre b*tch and the prisoner ideal, I'd thought we were closer. Well, as close as my prickly attitude would allow me to admit.

I slumped into my seat, frowning down to the paper work I should be doing. I'd never had trouble in the past, because I'd been smart and not really gotten close to anyone. Relying on others was a dangerous thing to do and I scowled when my wolf whined at me to go find Abe.

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