"I'm good. Don't worry. Just take care of him for me okay." I told him pulling away with a sad smile on my face

He returned it

"I'll definitely will. Have a good time there. Don't party too much." Chuckling after

"I won't. "

"Ni it's time to go." My mom yelled out. I hugged the guys again and got into the passenger side.

I look towards Austin's house hopping he'd see me and come running out saying how much he loves me. But we don't always get what we want. With that I sighed as the car pulled out. I waved to the guys who was still standing there.

I listened to my mom half way there talking about how this is my new start and how good this is for me. I got fed up with it and just listened to my I pod for the rest of the ride.

3 hours later we pulled up to the campus. We looked for the information building so I can check in and find my room. I hope my roommate is tolerable. Don't want to deal with mean or messy roommates.

After all the checking in and them giving me a tour I finally found my room. It was exhausting carrying around your belongings.

I walked into my room surprised to see a boy sitting on one of the beds.

Did I forget to mention the dorms was Co-Ed. I just didn't think I'd be lucky to be paired with a cute one.

"Hey I'm Michael." He was tall with blonde hair. An eyebrow piercing and a few tattoos.

"He's cute." I heard my sister try to whisper behind me

"Hello dear. This is Aniyah your roommate I'm assuming. I'm her mother and this is her sister Kai." My mom introducing us.

"Well yes I'm one of the roommates. There's three beds. The other person haven't arrived yet." He informed us standing up.

"Do you need help with your bags." I only nodded afraid to talk and say something stupid.

He took my bags over to one of the empty beds. The bunk bed.

"Top or bottom bunk?" He asked

"Oh um the bottoms fine." I gave him a small smile. He gave it right back putting my things on it.

"Well Ni I see you are going to be okay here. We should get going. Come give me a hug." I did as I was told giving her a big hug. I'm going to miss her and her crazy antics.

"Kai. Going to miss you little sis."Embracing her

"Good to miss you to big sis." I squeezed her tighter. Kissing the top of her head

"Be good yea." Pulling away. She had tears falling.

"No tears I'll be home soon. For the holidays okay." Giving her another hug

"I'll call you when we get home." She told. I let them out before heading to my bed.

"You have a cute family." Michael said. I completely forgot he was in the room

"Oh thanks. Was your goodbye to yours this heartbreaking?" I asked him

"Depends on if it's heartbreaking not saying goodbye to anyone." He said in a cold tone

"I'm sorry." I said not making eye contact with him

"It's fine. Would you like me to help you in pack?" He offered

A little help would make this a lot easier and faster. So of course I agreed. During this we just asked random things about each other. Being roommates we thought it be good to get along. Found out he's a freshman just like I am.After about a hour and the half we finished.

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