9. Tricksters Never Prosper

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Head's up; these are unedited, but I thought I might as well!


Abe's POV

"Wh-Whoa! Bad idea, guys!" I called to the twins as they hauled in a huge box. "I know what that is for, and I think you should know you'll regret it."

"We've pranked everyone but Lizzie!" They retorted in unison, smirking. "Besides! What's little Lizzie going to do? Cutely pout us to death?"

I grimaced. Yeah... No. She wasn't all sweet rainbows and smiles. "I don't think that will be possible. More like torture you to death by way of razing everything you ever cared for and then laughing over your remains," I told them.

"Pfft! That sweetie won't do that! And it'll only be all her belongings in jelly!" Shawn laughed.

"Jelly?" Kyo repeated from behind them. Kyo stood had come up with a thick file in hand, face blank as it almost always was. He was like my scowly partner wolf like that. "You... She hate jelly."

"Well, it's a prank," Derek countered and I barely caught that as he turned to face the stoic man. "She'll laugh!"

"And... then slowly break you for ever considering pranking her. Even as Demi-gods of mischief, you will be doomed. She is clever, patient and can hold a grudge better than any God!" I tried. Really? They shouldn't even consider this! "You're signing your own death warrant."

"Stop being so over-dramatic!" Shawn waved off. "Just watch; we have to in order to keep our title as no. 1 pranksters."

I rolled my eyes and couldn't say anything as the twins ran off, jelly and all. Kyo watched them go with a grimace. "Hey, you think she'll kill em or just go all Mad Elizabeth on them?" I asked and he turned to face me again.

"Neither," He said clearly. "She..." he thought of a word. "Will torment them for years. Too cute to be mad at though."

I smirked knowingly at the man's tone. "Cute, huh?" I said. "Made any progress?"

"Movies," He told me. "Eega... Gomene. Invited her along and she helped me learn more English."

"She likes you, Kyo. She's either mute or grinning with you. You make her feel comfortable," I said, a little slowly as he nodded with a goofy grin in place.

"I'll go before she gets back. Don't want murder," He chuckled.

"There's plenty of cops to arrest her," I laughed. "See ya later, Kyo."

He nodded, waving to me as he was on his way over to the desks. "They'd make a cute couple," I sighed, already imagining him finally choking up enough courage to ask her out or Elizabeth asking. It was even less likely though, with her crippling shyness and sense of unease when it came to matters of the heart. A month and a half here and I knew everyone so well, I boasted internally.

"You're drooling," My favourite person in the world mouthed before I could open my mouth to greet him. He flomped into his chair heavily and furrowed his brows when I grinned.

I pouted to clear away the smile, noticing he was back to his old grouchy self for now. Still, I could work with that. I relaxed back, leaning as I stared up to him with a smirk. "It's hard not to when you're so close," I cooed and his cheeks went an adorable shade of pink while I laughed. "Hey now! Come on, cheer up! You've just gotten discharged without killing anyone!"

"Still have the rest of the day," He stated, sitting down in his chair and logging into his computer.

"D-Did Grumpy Fangs... Did he just..." One of the twins stated from over Septimus' broad shoulder.

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