26 - Running Away Part Two

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Luke (Age 6):

~Liz's POV~

Andy and I set out and looked everywhere we thought she could go. It got to be very late but we called Luke, Ben, and Jack.

Li: "Guys, we have a problem. Y/N's gone."
Lu: Oh my God. Did someone take her?"
Li: "She ran away."
B: "I'll go and look around my house."
J: "Me too. I'll call if I fine her."
Li: "Please look everywhere. I need my little girl."
Lu: "We'll find her. I'm gonna look everywhere. I'll be there in 45 minutes if I can keep speeding without the cops getting me."
Li: "Okay. I love you guys."
Lu, B, J: "Love you, too."

~Luke's POV~

I finally got to Sydney and started driving around the neighborhood. I stopped at every street until it finally hit me, the park!

I drove to the park where I used to take her when she was younger and got out of the car. I put the flashlight on my phone on and carefully walked around the park.

I looked in the tunnel and saw her laying there, asleep. I gently shook her and whispered, "Y/N, wake up, sweets. It's Lukey."

She opened her eyes and leaped into my lap. "Babe, why did you run away?"

"Mom and dad started going out more and you weren't here and I didn't get to see Ben and Jack anymore and the babysitter didn't care and I was sad," she said, tearing up.

I wiped her tears and cuddled her close before grabbing her things and taking her to my car. "Everyone was so worried about you, Y/N."

We got home and she told them everything. "We're so sorry, honey. We promise that we're gonna start staying home more," Mom said. Then Jack spoke up, "And we promise that we'll come see you more and we'll each take you out for some special time, okay?" She nodded and said, "I'm sorry." We all hugged and then went to bed, Y/N sleeping with me.

Michael (Age 16):

You had been driving for a while and you had made it to the Gold Coast. You got out of the car and sat on the beach, content with watching the sun set into the rolling waves. You laid there for what felt like an eternity. You enjoyed the peace and quiet and the feeling of relaxation.

~Michael's POV~

I landed at the Sydney airport and got into the car that my mom left for me and drove to Calum's house. I explained the situation to Mali and then called Ben, Jack, Lauren, and Harry. Everybody agreed to help me so they got into their cars and we all split up.

Mali headed towards Newcastle, Lauren and Harry went to Melbourne, Jack headed to Adelaide, Ben went to Hobart, and I headed to Brisbane. I blasted music during the drive, trying to push away the thought that I might lose my baby sister. What could have made her leave?


I got to Brisbane and immediately checked the beach. That's always her favorite place to be. She even listens to wave noises every night when she goes to bed. When I used to go check on her at night and she seemed so at peace.

I pulled into the parking lot and I saw her car. I texted everyone 'Thank you guys for looking. I think I found her in Brisbane. xx'

I walked onto the beach and saw someone laying down on a blanket. I walked over and, thankfully, it was Y/N. "Y/N, why did you run away?"

She turned around and looked at me, keeping a gaze for a moment before turning back around. "Come on, Y/N, talk to me," I said, sitting down next to her.

"Why don't you just go talk to mom and dad? They just miss you sooooo much," she said, sarcastically with some sass. Thanks a lot for teaching her that, Cal.

"What are you talking about?"

"You're all they care about, Michael! They don't even care that I left. They're probably at home missing you, looking at your pictures, even laying in your bed."

"Babe, that's not true. They love you! Let's go home so they can tell you," I said, leading her to my car. We got home and after a lot of tears, we all made up. We really did love her.

Calum (Age 10):

~Calum's POV~

All of the boys and I split up and started calling her name. She hasn't been here long enough to really know where she is! Someone could have taken her! I frantically ran to every park I knew of, hoping that she would be there.

Finally, I got a text from Luke saying that he found Y/N. I ran to the park he was at and saw Luke trying to get Y/N out of a tree. She jumped down into his arms and clung to him tightly. I ran over to them and she tensed against Luke. "Y/N, why did you run away?"

"Because you don't like me, Cal. No one does. I bet you never wanted me at all, you already had a sister that you love. I've been in this situation before. Trust me, it's easier to just leave."

"I'm so sorry. I've been so stressed lately and I've been neglecting you, Y/N. Will you please come back home?"

She nodded and hugged me very tightly. "I'm sorry, Cal."

"It's my fault, Y/N. I love you so much."

"I love you, too."

Ashton (Age 4):

You ran out the front door of the restaurant, your sight blurred with tears, and kept going until you collided with someone's leg. "I'm sorry," you whimpered, looking up to see a familiar face. Once you wiped your eyes, you saw the blue hair of none other than Michael.

"Y/N, what are you doing? Where's Ashton?" He knelt down to your level and hugged you before putting you on his hip.

"Ashy is with Carly. I didn't trip him, Mikey! It was her! Promise!" He rubbed your back and tried to calm you down before you got sick.

"Babe, calm down. I'm gonna tell Ash that you're with me and I'll take you to me house, okay?" You nodded and rested your head onto his shoulder.

You got to Michael's house and you guys relaxed on the couch until Ashton came in. "Y/N! I was so worried!"

"I didn't do it, Ashy! It was Carly!"

"Shh, I know, sweetie. The waiter told me everything. And Carly won't be around anymore, okay? I'm sorry that I never noticed."

You nodded and Ashton picked you up from Michael's lap. He hugged you close and put kisses all over your face.

"I love you, Y/N."

"I love you, too, Ashy."


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