Chapter 1 - drop everything now

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Pain shot from his ankles to the rest of his entire body. Joss knew something broke inside him when he took a continuous direct hit from his opponent. He fell to his knees from the dizzying impact. He could feel his chest throbbing as his world spins. The last thing he heard was a blown whistle and the screams of his friends before everything turned black.

Joss squinted from the bright hospital lights. He knew where he was the moment he opened his eyes. The all too familiar scent and the dull walls was enough to bring everything into recognition. He adjusted himself into a sitting position. The light movement sting the sides of his body. He held himself to comfort the pain. He gritted his teeth, blowing hot air to soothe himself.

The fight got out of hand. He knew he was no expert in kickboxing yet but he just had to teach the arrogant guy a lesson. The least he expected was for the guy to be a pro. He kept egging him on during the fight even after knowing that he had bitten more than he could chew. And that landed him here, alone in a hospital with a broken ankle and a bruised rib.

"Knock knock.." Luke's head peeped at the gap of the door before entirely coming inside.
"Hey man." Joss
"Glad to see you're awake. How are you feeling?"
"Like I got stamped on by an elephant."
"I told you that guy was bad news. We should have just let that parking space thing go."

Joss dwell on that thought. When Luke noticed his silence, he sat on the bed gently tapping Joss' back.

"You did some damage though. The guy had a black eye on both sides he looked like panda."
Joss chuckled and immediately held his side to keep himself from laughing.
"Dude, don't make me laugh. Bruised rib here!"
"Sorry sorry." Luke smiled sheepishly.
"Oh hey. Before I forgot to tell you, the gym covered the hospital payment. I think they're scared to get sued so they're buttering you up. They also want to talk to you but I told them we'd agreed on a schedule once you get discharged."

Joss could only nod at Luke, amazed at how he had handled every single thing in the last 4 hours he had been sleeping. The few years had known Luke, he had accepted his laziness and lack of attention to detail. This was a new side that he is seeing.

"Thanks man. Wouldn't know what to do without you."
"Maybe don't go around looking for fights."
"I'll try." He lifted his fist and Luke bumped it with his.

Luke drove him home and carried all his stuff, heck he practically carried Joss too up to the floor of his condominium.

"Home sweet home." Luke uttered after opening the door and putting Joss on the couch carefully.
"Watch some games," Luke pressed the remote and a football game came on, he then lifted Joss' wrapped injured ankle on the coffee table, "stay put while I make us some lunch."
Joss nods but felt uneasy of the fact that Luke was doing everything for him.

"Lunch is ready!" Luke announced as he enters the living room, balancing a tray of congee and fried chicken.
"Wow." Joss gawks at the food.
"There's not much I can cook but the things I know how to cook are the best." Luke beamed with pride.
"Can you manage or do you need me to feed you?" He teased Joss.
"Shut up Gordon Ramsay."
They both laughed and ate the lunch away.

"I'll stay over tonight. Somebody needs to check on a big chunk of a dummy like you."
Joss was thankful for not having to ask it as he's been meaning to earlier. With his situation right now, he is in no condition to take care of himself.
"Hey bro. I really owe you big time."
"Don't mention it. I accept cash transfers or checks. Both are fine." Luke chuckled.
"No, man, seriously. You've done so much for me. If there's anything I can do to pay you back just let me know."

Luke froze in his seat and Joss watch him seemingly deep in his thoughts.

"So.. like anything right?"
Joss squinted his eyes.
"Yes?" He answered reluctantly, suspicious of what Luke had in mind.
"Well.. There's this one thing." Luke tapped his index fingers together coyly and Joss knew what he had in mind.
"If you say the boyfriend plan thing again I will crawl away from you "the grudge" style and it will the last thing you'll see."
"Come on! Please please! And this time, we won't go because of your injury. I can say that I'm taking care of you because I am a loving boyfriend and you can just say 'hi' to mom and dad and boom!" Luke says animatedly.
"The fact that it ends with a boom tells me that this is not a good idea. Also.. it seems highly problematic Luke."
"You're right. I just don't like it when they push me with Inka. I don't want to lead her on and she's being lead on by my parents for the last two vacation trips now."
"Why the trip again?"
"My mom and Inka's mom are best friend so they're really really hellbent on getting the two of us together. Inka's parents owns this resort just outside of town so we get to visit for free every other weekend."

Joss palmed his face. He knew he'll regret whatever it is he'll be getting himself into but Luke had done so much for him than he had ever did in their entire friendship so he found himself saying a muffled 'yes'.

"What?" Luke asked, baffled.
"I said yes."
Luke jumped from his seat.
"All I have to do is say 'hi' when you call them this week right?"
"Yep. Thanks bro."
Joss messes up Luke's hair.
"Sure. Now peel me an orange and make yourself useful."
"Yes, sir." Luke salutes at him and heads to the kitchen with an extra skip on his step.

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