Chapter 13~ Chillin' in the Woods

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Kankuro's POV

It was awfully quiet without the twins around. Man, Gaara almost never talks if Suzume isn't around. It's weird.

My day without them was spent in my room, modifying Crow. He has a whole bunch of poisonous weapons attached to him, and every part of him is a lethal weapon. Pretty cool if you ask me!

I'm still wondering why Gaara was so stubborn when he said he wanted to take Suzume out for training, like it was really important. I guess it's just one of those things I don't understand about the two of them...

* * *

Suzume's POV

I gave him a questioning look. "Wind?" I asked.

Gaara nodded. "I believe so, but I can't say for sure. But it would explain why you didn't hit the girl during the preliminaries. Instead of your leg actually hitting her you used wind in front of your leg to take her out."

"But if that shield that just popped up out of nowhere like your sand, then why did that needle stick through my arm in the forest?"

He shook his head. "I can only guess you didn't awaken your inner demon yet. At that time, it was probably just beginning to stir. You were probably just beginning to hear the voice, am I right?"

I nodded. "Yeah," I agreed.

"Well now I'm going to help you hone your wind skills. Temari shouldn't teach you because she mainly uses her fan."

"So where do I start?" I asked.

He looked around. I looked up at the sky, noticing it was already past 3:00 in the afternoon.

"I honestly don't know," he said, thinking of something. "Go off and take a break while I think of something. Be back in an hour," He said with his back to me, staring up, watching the breeze whistle through the leaves.

Gaara looked back at me. "Get into trouble and I'll kill you."

I nodded, then ran off, stopping at a small stream in the woods. Scaling a tree, I rested on a huge branch. I felt a little tired, and I didn't even do that much. Then I remembered. I used a whole bunch of chakra on that one jutsu that failed.

You know, you need better chakra control.

Tell me something I don't know!

"Hey Kakashi sensei! I'm going by the stream!" That must be Hikari. It makes sense that the girl with the water style kekkei genkai would want to go to a source of water.

"Alright. Just don't be too long," Kakashi said in his calm voice.

I felt at ease up in the tree, listening to the birds, the cool wind blowing through my hair. I plucked a single leaf, then tried to do something. I focused a whole lot, brining a little chakra to my hand. Then I rested the leaf on my palm, and watched as the leaf fluttered away. I placed my other hand above my palm, and found out there was a small bit of wind emitting from my hand.

Concentrating, I increased the amount of chakra going to my palm. To my surprise, the wind slowly became more dense with chakra, becoming a pale blue. I saw the swirling pattern fly up from my hand. Glancing up at the sky, I noticed the leaves started to shake, and my hair started whipping in the wind. Quickly looking down at my hand again, the whirlwind was spinning faster and faster. The birds that were singing began to flee, spreading their wings and soaring through the open sky.

I relaxed, and saw the small torrent of air slow down, then fade until there was nothing left. I slumped back against the branch. In my mind I decided not to tell Gaara that was me.

I was starting to drift off in the serene sounds of the now gentle draft and the trickle of the stream, until suddenly, a kunai sliced through the air, sticking into the branch a few inches away from me. I jerked up, preparing myself to fight, then realizing I was on a branch.

Tumbling down off the tree, I landed with a splash into the water. I quickly stood up, dripping, and sent out a blade of wind, opaque and dense with blue-green chakra. I heard a small thump, and then a laugh. Hikari!

My heart started to race, remembering Gaara's words-

"Get into trouble and I'll kill you."

I quickly checked myself for blood. Thank goodness there wasn't any, or else I would have been in a lot of trouble with my brother.

"Hikari, I know you're here!" I hissed.

"That was impressive," Hikari said with a smirk. "That's some chakra you have there. Reminds me of someone I know- Naruto!" She said, starting to laugh.

I remember someone, maybe Yashamaru, telling me how there is someone named Naruto in the Leaf that was the Nine-tails jinchuriki. What she doesn't know is that she's strangely accurate. She doesn't know I'm a junchuriki too.

I dismissed her with a laugh. "Yeah, I guess," I said, wringing out my hair.

I started walking out from the shade of the trees to dry off. Unfortunately, Kakashi saw the whole thing unfold, and jumped off from another tree a distance away. He chuckled, a closed eye smile on his face.

"Maybe next time you go for a swim, you shouldn't wear your normal clothes," He said. "But that jutsu of yours was impressive."

"Um... Thanks." I stammered.

Kakashi turned to Hikari. "And to you," He started. "Do you realize how close you were to hitting her? You could've killed her!" He scolded.

"No, no," I insisted. "It's fine." I know the wind shield would protect me. Kakashi gave me a weird look.

"Want to train together? We could make a pretty cool whirlpool-" She started.

"I'm sorry, but I really have to go now. Maybe some other time! My brother's expecting me around now," I said quickly, before disappearing into the thick foliage, headed for my brother.

* * *

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