Chapter 2 | Living

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Han's POV

The drive home to pick up Tae was quiet, but the drive to the store with Tae was weirdly even more quiet. There's was a certain air about him that seemed so off.. Obviously he's always been a jerk, but something about the way he looked ahead at the road and the sideline of trees made me almost sick of him. I really didn't understand such a feeling, but maybe I was just getting to my breaking point with him. Maybe, within the week, I'd finally snap and deck him. I'm too passive aggressive for my own good. And I'm sure it would do me more good than bad to start throwing hands with him. I mean that's what living is about right?

Taking Risks?

Risking everything for rewards or punishments? Decking challenges in the face and hoping they won't punch back as karma. Life is a gamble you could say, and nothing good ever came out of a fold.
"Soo, how was the party last night..?"
"Stayed up partying til 7.."
"Figured." I sat looking up at the red light.
"What did mom say?" He asks with a slight smirk. Ass, he is digging for an ego boost already and we are not even 15 minutes from the house.
"Just was worried about you is all. Like always." I say gripping the wheel.
"No need for any of you to worry. I'm doing fine." The light turns green and the line of cars moves onward.
After five more minutes, we arrived at a popular convenience store. I park at the left side of the building with no cars on either side of me. When I placed the car in its space, my brother unbuckles his seat buckle and immediately takes out out something from his small bag. When I look at what he had my jaw drops in disbelief.
"Where the fuck did you get all that cash??!"
"Chill. It's not even that much."
"That's two bands?!? That is ALOT."
"Look, I just happened to get a really good job working for... some lady.." I sighed at him as he starts to get out of the car. Quickly, I tried to call out to him before he shut the door.
"Wait, why do you need two bands to grab 3 more cases of soda?!-"

Tae slams the door walking to the other side of the parking lot.
"Fuck.." I hissed. He was doing something really sketchy, I knew something was up..
Though, despite whatever he was doing I had to wait for his ass to come back.

As I waited I looked around searching for any interesting observations regarding that of purgatory..
"Have you seen my son?" I helpless women in tears would call out to a stranger. Desperately she tries to tap on his shoulder, but of course.. she can't physically touch him and he can't even hear her. She must be a fresh soul for most wondering souls know they can't communicate with the living or even touch them. The women tries again with another younger stranger, but of course she ends up with the same result.
"What is going on..?!" She drops down to the ground busting into to tears. I sigh as I have seen this time and time again. Yet, something that both digs deep into our souls is a soft clicking sound that grows louder with each passing second. She looks around wondering where or what it could be. Though, I know exactly what it was was and where it was coming from. This was the only part I could never handle. This right here, is the reason I walk straight out of a room in a hysterical panic.
As the women continued to search, she stands up looking left and right as the clicking noise was piercing through the air.

She then looks over to me and stands completely still. The clicking stops, but a weird tap knocks on top of my car in its place. The woman's mouth becomes agape and slowly the sound of despair escapes until it becomes a blood curdling scream. Quickly, I close my eyes and pull my hand down onto my hands.

With the embrace of the darkness, the only thing I could hear was her screaming, the snap of bones and the mushy wet of who knows fucking what. Eventually, the scream of the woman becomes faint as if she was dragged down into a deep cavern. I sat still covering my eyes fearing to look up again. And as I keep that position, my brother enters the car.
"Hey I got you- Jisung.. are you okay?"
"Yeah yeah.. I'm fine I-" I looked back up to my brother's eyes
"Are you sure your not having another episode?"
"I'm sure.. I just got a bad headache is all. I think I need to take a nap.."
"Right.. Oh like I was saying. I got you a case too~"
"Thanks.." Quickly, I placed the car back into drive, "Why'd you take so long?"
"Got to talking with a old friend from High school."
"There's people from our high school here??"
"I can't believe it either, I thought it wasn't possible, but there he was.'"

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