Chapter I

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Camilio Madrigal x Reader

You were dressing up and getting ready for the Madrigal Ceremony, after getting ready you went to the ceremony alone.

You were very excited to see the madrigals and their magical powers, it was like living in a fairy tale.

You went to the madrigals house, alone. It was crowded but you manage to pass through, you were watching from the front close to the blue stairs.

Antonio was at the doorway, he was looking nervous but he was looking behind him. Everyone was confused, he then put his hand out, gesturing to someone to hold his hand while walking to the alter (not getting married i just don't know what it was called)

A curly haired girl, with green glasses, and skirt walked out. She awkwardly smile, and hold his tiny hands. Antonio cuddled her hand, The girl then inhaled and walked through the alter. Their family was disappointed, and everyone was confused.

They finally walked up the stairs, Antonio holds the candle and the old woman said something but you didn't really hear it clearly. Antonio nods and let go the candle, he slowly approaches the door and gently touch the doorknob. He looked at her grandmother and back at the door, opening it.

The door showed a big room, it was a huge tree they then went in. Everyone was amazed and shock, you walked up the stairs. You were in awe as you see the birds flying and animals running around, children are laughing and playing with the animals, and parents are chattering and talking to each other.

They all went up, but the curly haired girl with glasses wasn't there but it didn't bother you. Everyone was dancing in the platform, but your not in the mood for dancing so you went to the table and ate the food that was display.

One of the madrigals approached you, you were surprised. He had a curly golden hair, wearing baggy clothes. His name was Camilio Madrigal, His power was shape-shifting and can form into other human identity.

He approached you and said "Uh, Hi!" You looked behind to see if he was talking to you, no one was behind you so you pointed to yourself "M-me?" You asked. He laughs and nods, "H-hey" you fidget with your hands while looking at the ground.

"I'm Camilio Madrigal, you are?" He introduced himself, asking for your name. He let out his hand for a hand shake, you brightly smiled and shook his hand "Y/N L/N".

He lean into the table, looking at you. You both talked for a while but then the curly haired girl talked her grandmother and said "I saw cracks on the wall, and the candle was about to lit out!" The grandmother was surprises and followed the girl. You and camilio looked at each other and followed them, you were looking at the wall but no cracks on the wall. Everyone was confused and they were disappointed.

"It's getting late, you should go home." Camilio said as he was looking at the sky, the sky was slowly getting darker. "Yeah, I should." You waved goodbye to Camilio as you walked back home, he shouted "Goodnight, senorita!" You blushed from the word "senorita" but you turned around and smiled.

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