Chapter 16:

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Sorry I didn't post thisd one earlier! Also I ended up fixing one of the chapter 14s to ch 15. I have not idea why there was two of them.

      My cellphone rings. I sigh pausing the TV show I'm watching and look at the screen to see who is calling. My cousin Cassandra.

        "Hello," I say soon after pressing the accept button.

        "Hello! I finally got a break from my shift. I have some time to talk/ How are you doing?"

        "Ok. We to therapist a few hours ago, got home and have been watching Orphan Black for a while."

        "You and some of my coworkers here love that show. I don't understand."

        "It's addicting, I'm surprised you haven't watched it. There's some since involved.

        "Any way what did the doctor say you should do?"

        "We pretty much talked, I told him about one of the nightmares and how I see things. Like the strange pattern a majority of them go through-those kind of things. He gave me a notebook to write down my dreams each time I have them. He also said that I looked worn out, if I want to take a nap for a few minutes I should make sure there's someone around to make sure I'm fine afterwards. Then I go back in four days, we review everything and try to figure some things out."

        "At least you went. i started to get worried."

        "Why wouldn't i go?"

        "I don't know, you ignored telling both Lois and I what was going on."

        "I know, I'm really sorry. I thought they would have changed."

        "They did, they got worse. Anyway, let's change the subject. Anything planned this weekend?"

        "Nothing that I'm aware about so far. Why?"

        "I don't know, do you just want to hang out for a bit. We can even go the bookstore and get you some more reading material for after you can't get back to sleep."

        "That sounds fine with me. I'll let Lois know so she won't get worried."

        "At least she agrees to help out and cares. I've heard of some people who work for the house and end up being worse to their bosses." There's a loud sound in the other room.

         "What was that?' my cousin asks.

        "I don't know. I'm checking," I head to the other room.

         Some books are scattered on the floor. I look at the bookshelf to find my cat.

         "Seriously?" I look at her. "If you don't like my reading options you don't do that!"

         "What was it?" I can hear my Cassandra's voice in the phone.

        "My cat," I sigh. "She pretty much knocked down some books off the shelf." I stop and give Eva a glare. "And now she did it again. What the heck?"

        "I'll call you back later. I just wanted to check up on you."

        "It's fine, thanks." Eva moves across the shelf.

        "That's it," I sigh. "Not you Cassandra. I'm going to get her out of the room so I can clean up. We can start making plans next time you call. Give me a heads up text though."

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