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Valentine's Day. Roses. Chocolate. Candles. Cliches. Meaning all the things Natalie hated. All the things she was avoiding her whole life. But Mark had different ideas that day. Even though he knew that his wife wasn't that type of person. Not because she didn't love love. But because she wanted her relationship to be something she could celebrate everyday. And the other reasons were mostly political.

So Mark didn't overdo it with planning. He just wanted to go on a date with his wife and in order to do that, he had to get Amber to babysit Iris. "Amber, Amber, hey. Hi, don't you look beautiful this morning?" Mark called out when Amber walked inside the kitchen that morning. Natalie had already left for work, after she promised Mark that she wasn't going to cancel last minute.

Amber frowned her eyebrows as she opened the fridge. She took out the orange juice and then she grabbed a granola bar from the counter. Mark was watching her, as she stayed silent. Amber poured some orange juice into a glass and only after she took a sip, she responded to him. "What do you want?"

"Can you babysit Iris tonight?" Mark asked with raised eyebrows, hopeful for a positive answer. "Because the sitter just cancelled on me and I've made plans with your mother for today."

"Oh, right. Today's Valentine's day." Amber sighed, she didn't have any plans, even though she was in a relationship. "Sure, whatever" she shrugged, "Tom doesn't like Valentine's day anyway, he says and I quote 'Valentine's Day is a way for businesses to stick their money-grubbing noses in your personal romantic business'.

"Oh God, that sounds like your mother." Mark said horrified.

"Yeah" Amber muttered, "how did you get her to celebrate anyway?"

"Because I told her that we're to an art gallery." Mark's plans wasn't just romantic dinner. 

"Oh nice move, mom loves those things." Amber said impressed. And the two of them continued eating breakfast, with Amber giving tips to Mark about how he could make the night more perfect.

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At the same time, Natalie was walking inside the hospital with Arizona. The blonde had some horrifying news that day about how she was celebrating Valentine's Day with her wife. "I mean, does she think I'm going camping on Valentine's day?" Arizona rambled.

"I don't know." Natalie said quietly as she brought the cup of coffee up her lips. The hot liquid travelled through her mouth and Natalie softly smiled at the taste. She had the same coffee every morning, but for some reason it just tasted better for her.

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