[A/N] I know that It says that Katy had Natalie when she was 20 , But Katy is still 28 and Natalie is still 14, Thank you.

"We've found her in Santa Barbara Katy"


Katy's POV -

"Alive or...." I couldn't force myself to say dead, it was too painful to think of the thought already.

"Alive , But you will never believe who she was with" Shannon said nervously

"My Parents?" I asked confused

"No... John"


"Yeah , they arranged it , he drove her to Santa Barbara then left her, She was trying to get to your parents house but police caught her before she could make it"

"I have to go apologize to her, C'mon Shan let's go"

"She's at the hospital so they can make sure she's OK"

"Let's go there then" I said


"Let me go!" Natalie said

"Your mother is here to see you" The doctor said

"I don't want to see her, I hate her cause she hates me"

"Well she's coming in anyways, and your going home with her as well"

"How can you do that , I don't want to go back with her" She said furiously

I couldn't handle being put down again so I knocked then entered.

"Get out" Natalie said when she saw me

"I'm coming to apologize, So give me a minute please" I asked

"Get out"

"OK I know this looks really bad , You know I can't talk about having a 14 year old daughter, The press would go fucking crazy, My career is at it's high point, But i don't want another child just right yet, I love you Natalie and I have two things i care about , My fans and You, So can you believe me when i say I didn't mean it that way and forgive me babe" I pleaded

"OK um let me think--" I cut her off

"I know you're going to say no" I said

"Maybe I am , Maybe I'm not, Prove yourself wrong" Natalie said

"I gave birth to you when I was 20, My parents told me I'd either have to give up my dream of being where I am today to take care of you, Or put you up for adoption to give you to a family who would have time to take care of you, It was the hardest and probably the worst thing for me to give you up, So i put my cell number in your pocket then left, When you we're adopted the family phoned me, I was happy for you to be adopted that quickly, They said we would keep in touch and i could see you sometime in the future, Then they phoned again and asked how old I was, I said 20 they hung up and Never phoned me again , My phone number is the same since then, I never got their number so i couldn't phone them and ask how you were, you could've been dead and i would have never found out, I've always loved you, I've loved you since i had just found out I was pregnant and after that i still loved you, A mother can never hate her child, I believe strongly on that, There isn't one ounce of hate in my body towards you and there never will be." It felt so good to get that off of my chest, I looked at Natalie and she looked like she was about to cry.

"Katy, I'm sorry i have ever said i hated you"

"You don't have to be sorry" I said

"Their trying to make you look bad, aren't they."

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