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* * *

Suzume's POV

"Okay, start off by telling me what you have been working on," Gaara said, motioning toward a tree to attack.

"Well usually I polish up on the basics first," I began, pulling a kunai out of my black weapon pouch.

"So do you get any... coaching, to say, from your half of Shukaku?" He said quietly. I nodded slowly.

"It talks to me all the time. Usually commenting on stuff that happens in life, but if I'm training, yeah it'll tell me tips and 'help me'", I put air quotes on 'help me'. Gaara stared at me with interest, his arms crossed.

"Go on," He urged me.

"Well it said it would help me improve my accuracy," I said, twirling the kunai around on my finger. "Remember when I couldn't even throw a kunai straight?" I asked.

"Yes," He agreed. "Here," he said, sending some sand a small distance away, forming a sing with an opening around 6 inches in diameter. "Throw the kunai through the ring," He commanded.

I held the kunai in my left hand (I'm left handed) and aimed at the ring.


Yup. Don't worry. You won't need to ask me today.


In one fluid motion, the kunai flew through the air, perfectly through the center of the sand circle. Some of the sand blew away.

"That was impressive," Gaara said. "If you were in a real fight, that would have been a fatal hit. But I'm wondering why some of my sand blew away. Normally, a kunai slices through the air without causing the air to stir. Yours blew some sand away, and I don't know why. And in your fight against Sakura in the preliminaries..." He trailed off, trying to think of a logical answer.

"Would you like to see the jutsu I've been working on?" I asked him. He straightened up.

"Yes, show me," he said.

I closed my eyes, focusing my chakra. With one huge sweep of my arm, a large blade of wind sliced through the air at a high speed. Then it seemed to dissolve, leaving no damage to anything, only rustling the leaves in the trees around us. When I turned to look at Gaara, he looked surprised.

I frowned, staring at the tree that I was targeting.

"Didn't work again!" I shouted. I pulled out a shuriken, and flung it at the tree in frustration. It sliced the air with blinding speed, becoming only a blur until it was stuck in the center of the tree trunk. Forming a horizontal line on either side of the shuriken, there was a dent in the tree, almost a groove.

"Suzume," Gaara stuttered. "I know..."

"Know what?" An agitating voice called out.


"Naruto, stop eavesdropping and start training, you have a lot to work on,"

"Yes, Kakashi sensei!" He said, before disappearing in the sound of rustling leaves.

Gaara just stood there, lost in thought, until the sound of rusting leaves made us jump.

Someone emerged from the leaves. A girl with brown hair and blue eyes.

I think I've seen her before... Oh yeah! She's Fumiko, from team Gai at the chunin exams!

She smiled at me. "Hi! I'm sorry if I interrupted you guys."

I glanced over at Gaara. "It's fine. I believe I saw you before! Fumiko, right?"

"Yep!" She said. "I never got the chance to formally introduce myself. I'm Fumiko Hatake, a genin here at the Leaf Village. You probably know my cousin Kakashi. He's the Jonin in charge of team 7."

I smiled shyly. "I'm Suzume of the Sand, a genin from the Sand Village. I'm here for the chunin exams," I said, before Gaara walked up beside me.

"And you are?" She said to Gaara.

"Gaara," He stated. "of the Sand. Now if you excuse us, I am trying to do some important training with my sister."

Fumiko looked mildly surprised. "Okay! I'll se you later then."

"Fumiko! Gai sensei is looking for you!" Someone shouted.

"Coming, Hikari!" Fumiko replied, before swiftly jumping up onto a tree branch, disappearing in the rustling leaves.

"Good. She's gone," Gaara murmured to himself. "Now we can continue. I think I know what your strength is. This will explain why you appeared not to touch your opponent during the exams. But in order to confirm my suspicion, I'm going to have to try something. Defend yourself!"

He took a shuriken and threw it, aiming at my chest. Why is he doing this? Is he out of his mind?

Instantly, a light blue transparent shield that stopped the shuriken. My heart began to race, and I got into a more battle-ready stance.

"It is what I thought. Suzume, your special talent is manipulating wind."

* * *

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