(28) Honeymoon !

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" Hey, I just remembered, if im not the pain your talking about, then who? " Jennifer asked

" Our Parents! " Jason answered loudly

" Why? they even brought us here in paris, so why do you think they're a pain? " Jennifer asked

" Cause, they brought us Here to have an Early Honeymoon! " Jason said

" Ohh, What? an early honeymoon? but where not even-- wait a second, so what your also trying to say is you dont want to have a honeymoon with me!? " Jennifer asked loudly!

" No! not That! " Jason answered

" Then what!? " Jennifer asked rushly

" Aren't Honeymoon supposed to be done by the couple alone!? " Jason asked

" Well, Yeah, but thats-- " Jennifer said and was cut off

" Well! why is it that our Parents are here too!? " Jason asked loudly

" i-i dont know! a-and, you mean, you really want to have a honeymoon with me? " Jennifer asked

" Yes! " Jason answered

" Alone with me? " Jennifer asked again

" Yes! alone with you! " Jason answered proudly

" Ja-jason, i-im st-- " Jennifer said and was cut off

" Jennie? Jason? Are you ultimately having fun? well, dont do things so Rushly! things like that can wait " Hanie implied from outside of the room

" Mo-mom! where not doing anything! " Jennifer answered

" Hohoho ^^ Anyway, you two should also changed clothes cause after lunch, were going to stroll around paris! ^^ " Hanie explained

" Okay mom, Just wait for us in the lobby " Jason answered

" Okay son! Yohohoho! ^O^ " Hanie said cheerfully and left

" Huhh, whats with this Mom and Dad relationship you have with my Parents!? " Jennifer asked

" Well, i already told you didnt i? your mom and dad asked me to address them-- " Jason answered and was cut off

" Right! I remember! " Jennifer answered and slightly unbuttoned her blouse

Jason was embarassed of what he saw, he then turn around looking in another way, " Je-jennie, wha-what are you Doing? i thought you already told me and your parents that were gonna do this in the right time! >////< " Jason said embarassedly

Jennifer then hit Jason's Head and said, " that was you who told me and them that were going to do it in the right time! and I was Just Going to Change, Stupid! didnt Mom said to change clothes cause were going to stroll around the paris? "

" Ahh, right! i Forgot! Hehe ^////^ " Jason answered

" Tsch, Change your clothes too! the elders are waiting for us! " Jennifer implied

" okay! " Jason said and changed his clothes

                                         [ AFTER A FEW MINUTES LATER]

" Sorry for making You wait! ^^ " Jennifer said happily

" Oh its okay! Come here, sit! " Carla said

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