~love inside~

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camilo and y/n were walking around town buying things for dolore's wedding next week, everyone who was sick is better now and helping to buy things like dresses and suits for everyone. 

C;Hey y/n since we bought everything should we go up to that hill? Its getting pretty dark and there will be a full moon tonight!

y/n nodded, camilo grabbed her hand and ran to the hill, they both were laughing, they finally reached the hill, camilo sat down on a chair, y/n sat on his lap facing towards him, camilo looked up at her and blushed, she kissed him and pushed him so he was laying down on the grass, camilo giggled and so did y/n, she layed down next to him, he rapped his arms around her and pulled her close, it got darker so they could start to see the stars getting more clearer in the sky, followed on by the full moon, camilo turned over and looked at y/n who was tracing camilos hand with her finger.

c; lets try not to fall asleep here again-

y;a yea haha

they both laughed, y/n moved closer to camilo, after a while she started to look a bit tired and fell asleep on his chest.

c; hey y/n look how pretty th- y/n? come on-

camilo picked her up and placed her on the chair, he wisperd {hey dolores, tell papa and mami i will be at the hill with y/n and might take a while, oh and yea i know you can hear me.}, after he looked at y/n, who was sleeping peacefully on the 4 garden chairs camilo used to make a makeshift bed, an hour later y/n woke up, she looked at camilo who was still awake watching the stars, she got up and jumped over to camilo, he smiled and waved at her, she done the same

y; i forgot my jumper.

camilo took of his poncho and threw it at y/n

c; sorry i didnt mean to throw it at ur face, are u okay mi amor?

y; yeah im okay, thank you

y/n sat down beside him, camilo cupped her face and moved her head so she was facing him.

c; you know that i love you,right?

y; ofcorse i do!

she closed her eyes and smiled, camilo pulled her face closer, y/n looked into his shiny brown eyes and blushed, he blushed aswell, he pulled her even closer, he kissed her, y/n's heart started to beat faster than ever, she closed her eyes and kissed back,they moved closer and closer, suddenly camilo stopped.

y; camilo? Are you ok whats wrong??

c; im sorry its nothing i just realised its late we should get back to the casita.

y/n was a little disapointed but she agreed.

after they got back to the casita, they saw dolores smirking

c; what are you doing dolores?

d; i heard everything

y/n and camilo just stood there, he went bright red, y/n was shocked

d; oh go on you to just get back to the room i dont want to disterb ur makeout session

camilo looked really agrey but y/n grabbed his hand and pulled him pack to the room

camilo dropped down on the bed and coverd his face

y; whats wrong Cariño?

c; she is so anoying.

y/n wrapped her arms around camilo and pulls him into her.

y; who cares if she can hear us, we are old enough to do what we want and she shouldnt but in all the time.

camilo uncoverd his face and kissed y/n lightly, he stood up

c; we should go down to dinner, abuela called us down a while ago.

they both walked downstairs, abuela gave camilo that *i know you did something* look, camilo gulped and sat down, y/n looked at camilo who was defonatly panicking, and she knew pepa noticed cos she had a cloud, y/n grabbed his hand from under the table so no one would see and pepa's cloud went away, so camilo was calming down, they both scoffed up there food and went upstairs, about and hour later there was a knock on the door

B; uh, hey its bruno

y/n opened the door and hugged bruno

b; i noticed you guys were kind of on edge at the dinner table so i just came up to check you were okay.

c; im fine tío bruno

y; yeah we are okay now, thank you for caring about us bruno :)

y/n smiled and bruno waved and closed the door behind him.

camilo looked over at y/n standing at the door, he signald her to come sit next to him, y/n looked down at him and smiled, she walked over and sat beside him, resting her head on his sholder, he placed his right hand on her thigh and kissed her. she wrapped her hands around his head and pulled him closer, camilo did the same, they fell backwards on the bed, camilo was ontop of y/n there was another knock on the door but they ignored it.

M; Hey guys its maribel!

they stopped quickley

c; maribel were sleeping.

m; oh im sorry guys, you two get a good night sleep!

after maribel left they carried on, y/n wrapped her legs around camilo and they closed there eyes, y/n slips the poncho camilo let her wear off and throws it of the bed. They stop for a second to take of there shoes but then dolores barges through the door.

d; GUYS LO- omg



camilo stands up and grabs dolores by the rist, he shuts the door behind him, y/n can hear him and dolores arguing in the hallway, y/n sits up and faces the floor, her eyes fill up with tears and she covers her face, camilo comes back in and shuts the door, he looks over at y/n who is sitting on the edge of the bed, her face coverd by her hands and crying.

c; Y/n are you okay mi libélula

y; i dont know camilo.

camilo sits beside y/n and hugs her tightly, he kisses her on the forehead, he layes her down on the bed and he lays beside her, after a while she stops crying, 

y; i love you camilo.

c; i love you to Cariño.

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