~sick bug~

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 [in all honesty, if there is sexual bits in chapter 4, they wont be that bad haha, probaly like hot steamy makeout sessions insted of s3x LMAO,that might be a little spoiler ;)]

3rd person:

camilo and y/n get back to the casita were they are greated with warm hugs and kisses

Pepa: oh camilo i missed you so! I thought you were lost my dear!

C:sorry mami me and y/n fell asleep on the hill

y/n nodded her head in agreement and went upstairs to there room, camilo sat on his bed and gestured y/n to sit next to him.

C:wanna play a game?

Y:Sure! What game do you want to play?

camilo grabbed a box from under his bead and took out 2 controllers and a selection of video games.

c:you pick

y/n looked at the video games spread neatly across the bed, she grabbed streat fighter and handed it to camilo who put it into the games console,

2 hours later.

y/n won 7 games and camilo won 10, after a while they finished playing


camilo and y/n walked downstairs and sat down at the dinner table, y/n sat in the middle of camilo and dolores, after everyone ate they stacked there plates up on the table and went to there rooms, it was getting kind of late so camilo and y/n lied down on the bed, y/n layed her head on camilo's chest and played with his hand and he twirled her hair around his fingers, there was a knock on the door and camilo jumped up 

C:Who is it?

M:Its maribel!

y/n stood up and opend the door, maribel was standing paitiantly at the door with a smile on her face, she grabbed something from behind her back and pulled out 2 beutiful bouquets of flowers, camilo looked confused, he stood up and walked to the door standing behind y/n

m: for you! the yellow white and orange flowers are for camilo and the red pink and white flowers are for you!

maribel handed the bouquets to them and waved goodbye, y/n and camilo waved back and closed the door, y/n grabbed both bouquets and placed them on the bedside table, they both layed down again in the same position they were before maribel knocked, they layed there for a while just chatting and watching tv when they both fell asleep.


y/n woke up and rubbed her eyes, she slowely got up, trying not to wake up camilo, {he looks so cute when he sleeps} y/n thought to herself as she stood up, suddenly she felt a soft hand grab her arm, she looked behind her supprised, camilo stared up at her with a smile, y/n kneeled down and kissed him, he kissed her back and then let go, he went back to sleep and y/n quietly walked downstairs to get a drink, she walked into the kitchen.

Y: AH! Oh my juilieta you scared me! what are you doing down here so late?

J: sorry dear, poor little antonio isnt feeling very well, i fear he has gotten a cold so im making some food to heal him up.

Y: awh poor thing, i was just getting some water.

juilieta pored a cup of cold water and handed it to her, y/n hugged juilieta and went back upstairs, before she went back into camilo's room she went into pepa's room, antonio was cuddled up with her,

y: hiya pepa, i just wanted to check in on antonio to see if he is okay

P: he isnt doing so good right now, but he will be okay, just a sore stomach and he feels a little ill

Y: well i got him some water just incase

p:thank you y/n. You go get some sleep now its late and i dont want you to catch his bug

y/n hugged pepa and kissed antonio on the forehead, she headed back to the room and quietly opend the door, camilo was sound alseep.

Y/n crawled over him and layed down, camilo opend his eyes

y:oh im sorry i didnt mean to wake you

c; its okay mi amor.

he pulled y/n closer to him and cuddled up with her,she grabbed his hand and held it tight, they both fell alseep.


they woke up around the same time, y/n looked up at camilo who was staring at a wall tiredly.

y;good morning 

c;good morning cariño, how did yo-

camilo was stopped halfway through his sentance when he started to cough and shapeshift, y/n stroked his hair until it was over

y:camilo are you alright? You look sick.

camilo gave a thumbs up, suddenly he clutched he stomach and ran over to the bathroom, y/n could hear him gaging and throwing up, she ran downstairs

y; juilieta? Camilo is very sick!

pepa started to rain and ran up to his room to help camilo

j;im sorry hun but there is nothing i can do, the food didnt help antonio last night so the only thing we can do is wait till they are better, félix, luisa,maribel and bruno are sick aswell, i dont know whats going on. 

Y/n thanked juilieta for trying to help and went back upstairs to camilos room, pepa was pacing back and forth across camilos room

y;clear skies pepa, camilo will be okay its only a little sick bug

she held pepa's hands inbetween her own and repeated ''clear skies'' pepa's thunder cleard up but camilo was still in the bathroom, y/n told pepa to go have a rest and try not to stress, after pepa left the room y/n knocked on the bathroom door.

y; cariño camilo? Are you okay in there?

c; yes y/n, i am okay now, i think

camilo left the bathroom, y/n grabed camilo and hugged him, camilo hugged her back and they both layed down on the bed.

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