Enter the Dray

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Lillas had reactivated one of the elevators. The elevator welcomed her to the first floor with a ding and automated door service. And a gift. Albeit one she could have lived without.

It was a golden ring. Beautiful rune tattoos decorated its body. The edge was lined with uncut diamond powder. It was a ring made for only one purpose. To sever one body part from another. In this case, Lillas’s head from her neck.

As far as lives go, if cats have nine, Lillas Mehkinnan definitely had a pride’s worth. The ring entered the elevator on an incline, just barely missing the tip of the demon hunter’s head. It would, however, get a second chance. And a third, and a forth.

The ring bounced around the elevator like it was in a pinball machine. Lillas ducked lower and lower, holding her arms out against the sides to keep steady while trying to think of some clever way to get that damn thing out of this box with her. Every time the ring went over her head she ducked a little lower. The noise it made as it hit the sides echoed in the hunter’s ears.

Lillas had gotten as low to the ground as she could. She almost hit panic mode when the ring clipped off the tip of her middle finger. Her hand was next, but the ring bounced one more time at an angle that sent it out of the doors and back to its owner.

Band-aids. The single greatest invention in human history. Effective. Inexpensive. Portable. Due to the nature of her life, Lillas had gotten into the habit of carrying a few band-aids in her back pocket. It was just her luck that the band-aids were on the left side of her body and it was her left hand that was injured.

After some twisting and maneuvering, Lillas managed to get a band-aid out of her pocket. Her breathing heavy from pain, she unwrapped the adhesive and stuck it over her wound. The pad got soaked with blood as soon as she placed it on her finger.

“You don’t really think that’s gonna work, do you?”

Lillas let out an aggravated sigh as she pushed herself to her feet. There was only one person in the world she knew who used a weapon like that. And she was as excited to see him as a cat to a snake.

He lifted her hand and helped her to her feet. Studying her non-mortal injury, he said, “It was supposed to be your head.”

“Well, your aim’s always sucked,” she said.

He smiled and said, “No, you’re just shorter than I remember.”

She didn’t say anything, but her look said, “Really?”

Fast as lightening, Lillas grabbed the blade off her side and swung it at Druis’ neck. But Druis, after seven years of fighting the demon hunter, knew his opponent very well. He caught her blade in his ring and dislodged it from her grip. She sent a fist flying to his face. He blocked her attack and sent one of his own to her face. She ducked, moved to his side then hit him in the back.

The contact forced them to switch positions, putting him in the elevator and her in the elevator doorway. He spun and went for a back-handed fist to her jaw. She blocked then took the opportunity to elbow him in his jaw. Then she stomped him in his chest, kicking him into the elevators back wall. He recovered quickly enough to push himself off the wall and land a punch squarely in her jaw. She spun around 360 degrees. When she returned to face Druis she had Spiral touched to his forehead. Which would have been great except he had a blade touched to her vocal cords.

“What’re you doing here, Druis?” Lillas asked. “Your family got kicked out.”

“Well, like we said then, there would come a day when they would need Dray.”

“Oh, puh-lease. What is that, your motto? Who thought that dumb shit up? You?”

“Ha haa. No. My father.”

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