~ Chapter 1 ~ The ignitable box.

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It's summer and it's hot outside, the sun is shining bright on the 4 members of team 7 standing on the outside of Konoha. Instead of being free they're assigned to a mission in the hidden sand. They're going to delivier a important item back to Konoha in safety.

"Naruto, you're in time for the first time." Sasuke mumbles and look irritated on Naruto. Naruto glare back. Sakura look at them both and shake her head, when are they both going to grow up?

"And Kakashi-sensei too!" She says and giggle when she notice that kakashi also are there in time.

Kakashi smile and take a hand on his head and scratch.

"Well, today my path was very straight so it was easy." He answer nervous, looking away smiling a bit.

"Or you just finished reading that book" She says cheeky and look at him, Kakashi stares at her and was just about to say something when Naruto starts to shout.

"Here we go a mission! It was so long ago, we where on a misson togheter Sakura-chan!" Naruto scream and give a big smile to Sakura. She look at him and smile back and they start running against the hidden sand.

They jump high up in the trees fast but Sakura have recently been in the hospital from her last mission and can't keep up as fast right now. She begins to slow down and sighs a little. Kakashi notice her and look back at her with different kind of gaze than he use to. He slows down and runs beside her.

"Is everything okay?" Kakashi says and look concentrated forwards when he jumps to the next three and his gaze is gone again.

She nood and shake her head and jump further.

"No i'm fine, totally fine," Sakura answer and smile a little.

Kakashi look at her again and his different gaze is back again. They look at each other, it's weird.

"Okay, good." Kakashi says cold and look forward again. Sakura wrinkle her forehead and look at him. He turn his head and smile at her and increase his speed again and runs with Sasuke and Naruto again. Weird...what was that about?

Sakura shake her head and concentrate on her running and jumping instead. Suddently a strong wind comes against her and she flies straight into a tree. She scream and 3 people comes forward around the trees. Kakashi, Naruto and Sasuke stops and look at Sakura and the enemies.

"What do you want?!" Naruto scream and jumps to the tree in the middle.

"N-na.." Sakura screams but then one of the enemies a guy with white hair cast a jutsu at her she jumps away but the other capture her and she gets hit by the jutsu and the other one avoids it.

She stand up i the middle of the air and look down. She look around and take her hand on the sides. It feels like glas but you can't see it. She's trapped. Kakashi look around calmly and Sasuke stands with his back to Kakashi when the enemies starts to fight them. Naruto fights with the third person when she sees a fourth person coming nehind him.

"Narutoo!" She screams, but nothing comes out of her mouth. She look terrified around, what's with this jutsu? She can't speak? Maybe she can break it? She stands still and starts concentrating chakra in her fist.

"Shaannaroo!" She screams, totally forgot that she can't speak in here and punch the right side. But nothing happens. Kakashi runs fast against her with a chidori ready in his right hand, with the enemy running after him shooting jutsus after him. Kakashi's chidori hit's the same spot as Sakuras fist did but nothing happens. Kakashi look confused at her and suddenly the box starts moving and she's pulling away, the person reach Kakashi and they start fighting again. Kakashi look at Sakura nervous, trying to get away from the white haired guy.

Sakura punches the walls and tries to scream.

"KAKASHI!" She scream and look terrified at her teammates. Kakashi look back at Sakura and runs after her.

"Sakura!" he screams as he fights unstoppable with the other guy,. The box starts to move faster and she pulls away into the woods.

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