Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Lyla felt like she wanted to scream right now. She finished school and Landon came to pick her up like he said he would. But she wasn't able to do anything and she wasn't able to have time to herself. All she could do was homework, homework and more homework. And Landon was not letting her out of his sight.

But Lyla wasn't going to put up with this for much longer. She had finished her homework and it was time to have some time to herself. And fresh air seemed rather appealing so that was what Lyla was going to do.

Lyla packed up her books and she made her way to the window in the room that she was in. It was high up but Lyla could make it down if she tried. She knew that she wouldn't be able to get through the door of the room because there were guards. Landon said that he would protect Lyla and he was doing just that.

Lyla quietly opened the window and she made her way down the side of the house. It wasn't too hard to climb down so it wasn't a real effort. Lyla landed with a thud on the ground and she cringed when she heard a sound. Werewolves had impeccable hearing and Lyla just hoped that the wolves didn't hear her.

Lyla waited for a couple of minutes and when she was satisfied that the wolves didn't hear her, she left. She headed for the forest because that looked pretty appealing. And there were plenty of places to hide in there so Lyla was sure that the wolves wouldn't be able to find her. That had to be a good thing because she really felt like having some time to herself.

Lyla picked up the pace as she made her way to the forest. She breathed in the fresh air as she walked and it made her feel so much better. Sitting in a room by herself as she tried to do homework was not fun and it was not the way Lyla wanted to spend her day. It was bad enough being stuck in a classroom at school as she tried to do her work and school went for long enough.

Lyla looked behind her as she walked and no one was following her so that was a good thing. Maybe the wolves didn't know she had left and with the pace she was going at, she was sure that it would take them a long time, even if they followed her scent. Lyla was a quick walker so sometimes it was hard to catch up to her.

Lyla could not believe that she was now part of a world that she never believed in. And now there was so much on her mind and she didn't know how she could force herself to stop thinking about it. And now she was thinking about turning herself to a werewolf because she didn't want to be old and wrinkly when Landon would still be hot. Landon said that it wouldn't be awkward but it was the way Lyla felt and she was not happy about that.

A werewolf. Lyla never thought that werewolves were real and now she was seriously thinking about turning into one. And she was thinking of doing this for Landon. She was thinking of doing this for some guy who she still barely knew. Why was she doing this? Before the stupid Full Moon Party, Lyla wouldn't have believed in any of this and she hated it. Why did everything have to change? And why did she have to become part of this world that she never wanted to be a part of in the first place? It was so unfair.

Lyla continued walking and she was sure that she could hear something around her. Or she was sure that she could hear something following her. Since when did people, or things, come out into the woods? It wasn't really a place where people would want to spend their time so Lyla was assuming that she was alone. Maybe it was someone from the pack or something. Maybe the wolves had realised she was gone and now they were looking for her.

Lyla decided that it was time to start heading back to the house because she was sure that something, or someone, was following her. Now she was feeling a little uncomfortable and she didn't like it. She could definitely hear something behind her so she turned her head to see what this was. There was nothing.

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