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Growing up, Natalie was basically forced to learn how to play baseball. Mostly because her father always made her to. She was good at pitching, and she had a strong hand. But those days were over and she realised that she wasn't the sporty kind of person. And she realised that when she found herself wearing heels and never sneakers or when she'd prefer staying at home and drink wine instead of going jogging.

And when she found herself signing up the hospital for a softball game, she did all the things she hadn't done in years. And she also ended up coaching her medical team.

"I'm here. I'm here!" Natalie yelled as she ran towards the field, where the Seattle Grace Mercy West team was practising. She cursed the moment she realised that she was walking with heels on a very green and soft grass. So she took her shoes off, pretending that she didn't care that she was barefoot. She walked up to Hunt who had been helping her with coaching the team. "Hunt, thank you so much for taking over but I couldn't get out of that board meeting. How are we doing?" She asked and looked around and no one really seemed to be doing well. "This was a bad idea." She realised. "But I just wanted to lift everyone's spirits, you know?"

"You're doing great, them? Not so much." Owen commented, making Natalie sighed. 

"Looking good, chief Turner." Natalie looked on her right and found Brad McDougall, Chief of Surgery at Seattle Pres, coming up to them.

"Hi, chief MacDougall." She cleared her throat. She wasn't really fond of talking with the enemy. And she knew that Seattle Pres had a good team.

"Make it Brad. So I can call you Natalie, right?" The man told her and Natalie wanted to laugh at his attempt of flirting with her.

"No, actually, you can't." Natalie stated, making Brad realise that they weren't going to be friendly with each other.

"I'm surprised to see you out here. We've had this field every morning. Is this your first practice?" He asked her.

"Uh, no. No, no. We've been..." Natalie paused as she looked around to see what was everyone doing. Cristina and Meredith were lying on the ground not really caring about anything. The female attendings were in the corner gossiping. Webber was reading a book. Arizona was shrieking and running away every time someone threw the ball at her direction. And Mark was flirting with a woman from Seattle Pres and her eyes stayed there.

"Oh. I would've thought it was. Kudos for putting a team together at all this year, what with all the upheaval over at Seattle Grace. Webber being ousted, all that nasty business with the Alzheimer's trial being shut down... No wonder they put a woman in charge. Something that would make you look good."

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